Why Aquatica Quick Queue is worth every Penny!

Aquatica Quick Queue

Recently we headed off to Aquatica in San Diego for a fun day in the San Diego sun. First off, it is hard to find a better city to travel with kids than San Diego. Aquatica is probably one of our favorite things to do in this great city and we could not wait to head back as it had been many years since our last visit at the park in Orlando. On this visit, we decided to use the Aquatica Quick Queue and it was a complete game changer and I will never go back to not having it. 

Why Aquatica Quick Queue is worth every penny!

San Diego with Kids - Aquatica Water Park

What is Aquatica Quick Queue

Aquatica Quick Queue is simply put away to barely wait for any lines while at the water park. The quick queue allows you to walk right on through to pretty much the front of the line on almost every slide in the park, and most of them you can go an unlimited number of times. 

Aquatica Quick Queue

How Much Does it Cost & What Does it Include

One of my husband’s least favorite things and he has passed this along to my children as well, is to wait in lines (a wet sock is a close 2nd). However, oftentimes parks offer express line privileges at quite the cost and with 5 kids,  we usually pass on shelling out hundreds, if not over a thousand dollars to skip a line. That being said Aquatica’s Quick Queue is pretty affordable and you will get to do 3-5x the number of rides by having it.

Aquatica Quick Queue

Aquatica San Diego

The Aquatica Quick Queue in San Diego starts at $20 per person and can go up to $40 depending on the day. 

  • Valid for unlimited priority boarding at Whanau Way, Woohoo Falls®, Taumata Racer and Kiwi Curl
  • Valid for one-time priority boarding at Tassie’s Twister and Walhalla Wave®

Aquatica San Diego

Aquatica Orlando:

Aquatica Orlando has two types of Quick Queue Passes

One is valid for single use front-of-the-line access to their most popular rides. This one starts at $19.00

Rides Include:

  • Tassie’s Twister
  • Dolphin Plunge
  • Whanau Way
  • Omaka Racka
  • Infinity Falls
  • Stingray Falls
  • Tumata Racers

The unlimited quick queue includes unlimited slides and a one time us on KareKare Curl and Ray Rush, this pass starts at $29

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Aquatica Quick Queue

Our Quick Queue Experience

We arrived at Aquatica in San Diego right when the park opened at 9:30 am. Since we knew our Aquatica Quick Queue only worked once on Tassie’s Twister and Walhalla Wave we hit those up first and went through the normal lines. Each line was about 5 minutes so it was super fun. The whole family thought Tassie’s Twister is the best waterslide in southern California, so we could not wait to go back on it. 

After that, we went on all the slides and endless amount of times including the racing slides, the very frightening drop slides and a few raft rides. Then we hit up Tassie’s and Walhalla one more time each using our Quick Queue later in the day. It was perfect because the lines were about an hour-long for those rides and we just walked right on. We were at the park for only 5 hours and we went on over 20 slides, plus did the lazy river and wave pool. It was simply unbelievable. In our opinion, the quick queue was completely worth the trip. 

The Quick Queue is also perfect if you have a limited amount of time in San Diego, you can fly through all the rides and slides and still have several hours to explore the beautiful city. 

If you have any questions about Aquatica, feel free to leave a comment below or Direct Message me on Instagram!

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