El Conquistador Travelogue- Day 2

After a great night’s sleep (much thanks to the sweet sound of the coqui frogs) Ella and I woke up refreshed and ready for our first full day in Puerto Rico. I stepped out of bed and was welcomed by the stunning views right outside our windows. Nothing beats an ocean view, right? After sipping coffee and soaking up the spectacular vibrant colors that make up the Puerto Rican landscape Ella and I got dressed and made our way to Las Brisas for breakfast. We filled our bellies with the tasty breakfast and went on a walk around the property.

El Conquistador definitely ranks as one of the most beautiful properties I have ever visited. Every where you turn there is a view that will take your breathe away. The ocean, the cliffs, the pools the fountains… it’s incredible! Not to mention all of the beautiful artwork, orchids and bonsai that are placed throughout the property as well.

Highlights from today:

After exploring the grounds it was time for our spa treatment at Ki’ (the kids spa on property). This is the activity Ella had anticipated the most. We had side by side mother/ daughter organic coconut body scrub’s and scalp massages. We walked out of there feeling like the world was floating on a cloud. We were SO relaxed!That whole experience was marvelous, one of the most special moments I have ever had with Ella. Watching her sweet little face light up as she was pampered was priceless. It is one of those moments I know I will remember forever!!

After our treatment we were delivered coolers that contained our delicious lunches in them. We were in such a relaxed mood we made our way back to the room slowly and enjoyed our lunch out on our balcony. I love that they have this service as it would be perfect to order before your flight.

After lunch Ella was ready to hit the pools and so that’s exactly what we did. We checked out the main pool area and also made our way down to Las Olas on a mission to find the giant pizza slice float that Ella pointed out from up above. To get Las Olas we had to head down the funicular which is an experience all one its own. It is one of the elements that makes this place so special.

Next up we had a resort tour. We were able to check out a room at Las Casitas. The luxury resort within El Conquistador that has multi-bedroom accommodations with full kitchens and 24 hour butler service (pretty sweet). They have 3 of their own pools including a magnificent infinity edged pool that overlooks the ocean and Palomino Island. This part of the resort seemed like the perfect spot for big families like mine. It’s definitely on my list to bring the rest of the crew back someday.

We also checked out the spa facilities which are massive. I decided I need to have my own zen like space at home (what mom doesn’t?). You know that amazing spa aroma combined with the nature sounds, calming colors and textures plus warm cups of tea. It’s going to happen, I am not sure how but I need to bottle that peacefulness up and take it home with me.

Next up was dinner at Chop’s Steakhouse. The night kicked off with a delicious moijito-ish like drink called Luna fresada. It was a delicious blend of strawberry rum (locally made), lemonade and muddled mint and strawberries. The drink originated from this resort and it is a real winner. I could tell after one sip of the drink that dinner was going to be a real treat and boy was I right. My salad was crisp and fresh thanks to the on site garden and addition of local flavors like plantains and fried cheese. My entree consisted of a delicious crusted fish and shared sides, my favorite being traditional mofungo which Ella actually help make with the chef. And, we finished off the night sampling 3 incredible desserts. I don’t think I could choose a favorite if you made me between the pina colada cobbler, warm brownie skillet and 24 layer chocolate sponge cake I was in dessert heaven.

We retired to our rooms with full tummies only to be surprised by an adorable tin full of goodies. I love that the staff goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations. We cannot wait to see what surprises tomorrow holds.

Check back in tomorrow for more…


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