Steamboat Springs Bucketlist

Steamboat Springs Bucketlist

We are gearing up to travel to Steamboat Springs CO for the very first time and we are thrilled. We are completely new to skiing and snowboarding as a family but very eager to learn. Here is our Steamboat Springs bucketlist items both on & off the slopes.

Steamboat Springs is located in Colorado and home to some gorgeous natural hot springs which is where they get their name. They are best known as a ski town and it is said they have amazing champagne bubble soft snow. You can reach Steamboat Springs through a direct flight into Hayden (they are 25 miles west of Hayden). Or you can fly into Denver first and either catch another flight over or rent a car and drive a few hours to Steamboat.

Steamboat Springs Bucketlist

Steamboat Springs Bucketlist

Ski Lessons

Steamboat Snow School offers lessons for all experience levels and age ranges. They offer several fantastic packages that let you learn your sport of choice: for us it will be skiing as it is said to be the easier of the two to learn.

We chose the “Learn to Ski & Ride Package” for the kids which offers 2 days of group lessons for only $199. It includes 2 days of lifts, lessons and rentals which is a fantastic deal. It even includes lunch for the kids.

You can find out more about Steamboat’s lesson packages here.

Steamboat Springs Bucketlist

Go Tubing

After working hard on the slopes we are looking forward to having a blast tubing down YeeHaw Hill at Saddleback Ranch. We have been tubing a few times and it is always such a fun way to enjoy the snow. The boys get really into it and love racing each other. Saddleback Ranch also offers Hot Cocoa & Dinner Sleigh Rides, Horseback Riding, Snowmobile Tours and Big Game Hunting too! See more about their activities here.

Cowboy Downhill

During the weekend we are visiting the Annual Cowboy Downhill will be happening. This is where over 100 professional rodeo cowboys slap on a pair of skis and compete in the most unique ski rodeo in the country. Obviously, we HAVE to go watch them!

Steamboat Springs Bucketlist

Hot Air Balloon Glow

The night before the big Cowboy Downhill event they also have a gorgeous balloon glow. Where we live they have hot air balloons but we have never witnessed a balloon glow up close so we are really excited for this opportunity.

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Go on a Dog Sled Tour with Grizzle-T Dog & Sled Works

Did you know you could dog sled in Colorado? I sure didn’t… but how amazing is this going to be. They offer door to door complimentary shuttle service and a 4 hour guided tour. You can even learn to drive your own dog-sled!!! See more about their awesome services here.

Steamboat Springs Bucketlist


Enjoy the Hot Tub surrounded by Snow

There is something so serene and magical about being outside in the freezing cold, surrounded by snow in your swim suit. To get to sit in a steaming hot tub and just soak in the beauty of the mountains is a MUST do… at least for me anyways. Not to mention soak my sore bum as I will probably be planting it in the snow during my skiing attempts- ha!

Steamboat Springs Bucketlist


Sip Hot Cocoa & Chill at the Resort by a Warm Fire

Obviously! I mean what better moment for hot cocoa than this one? I am stoked that we booked a 3 bedroom condo through Wyndham Vacation Rentals. The extra space makes the trip so much more enjoyable with a big family. I love that the condo has its own kitchen and gas fireplace too! I can just picture us snuggling up at night by the warm fire sipping our cocoa and talking about all the fun we had that day. SO excited!!!

Steamboat Springs Bucketlist

Have an Epic Snowball Fight

Being a mom to three boys (+ their dad) I have learned if you can’t beat ’em at their games you better at least embrace them which is why I am scheduling time for an epic snowball fight. They don’t even know what’s coming!!

Go on a Scenic Gondola Ride

The Colorado mountains look stunning from all the photos I have Googled and hunted down on Pinterest. I can’t wait to take in the views with my own eyes and what better view than from inside a gondola.

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Ride in the Bumper Cars on Ice

The second I found this gem on Tripadvisor I knew we had to check it out. We all love ice skating… but the chance to drive bumper cars on ice. C’mon that is too fantastic to pass up. So, we will be checking out the Howelsen Ice Arena as well. See more info here.

If we have time…

I could not believe how many things there were to do and see in Steamboat Springs. I really had no idea. We are only in the area for 3 nights so we are going to try and get to as much as we can. But, after checking out all they have to offer I am going in knowing that we will have to return to cover it all. Below are some activities on our list we will attempt to squeeze in.

Visit Strawberry Park Hot Springs

These hot springs are found in the Routt National Forest and are said to be healing for the body and soul. In fact the Ute Natives actually discovered them centuries ago and used them for their healing powers. There is even a shuttle that runs from Steamboat Springs!

Go Horseback Riding

I am am avid horseback rider and I hop on any chance I get to take a ride with these awesome animals. I have never ridden in the snow before and I was shocked that the stables were open during the winter. Sounds like such a neat experience.

Check out Snowshoeing

There are multiple snowshoeing tours available in Steamboat Springs. And, if you are new to snowshoeing they even offer a FREE Ambassador Snow Shoe Tour for you to try it out. Find out more about it here.

Take a Photography Tour

I am super interested in photography in fact one of my Christmas gifts from my husband was a photography class. So, when I saw the advertisements for a tour I thought that would be such a cool thing to do.

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Steamboat Springs Bucketlist

Steamboat Springs is located in Colorado and home to some gorgeous natural hot springs which is where they get their name. They are best known as a ski town and it is said they have amazing champagne bubble soft snow. Check out our Steamboat Springs bucketlist items both on & off the slopes! #steamboatsprings #steamboat #bucketlist #travel #skilessons #traveltips #vacation

For more about Steamboat Springs Colorado check out this page here.

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