Our Favorite Holiday Traditions with help from Alexa

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As you are probably well aware, especially if you follow us on Instagram, we are a tad holiday crazy. We love all things holiday from decorating, to cookie parties, even holiday-themed snacks for kids. Well, this year we’ve been able to enjoy more of the fun stuff without all of the hassles thanks to our Alexa devices. Let me show you how.

Our Favorite Holiday Traditions with help from Alexa

Holidays made easy with Alexa. All the must know tips to make Christmas extra fun using your Amazon Alexa Devices. #amazonalexa #alexaskills #alexa

Before I get into all the amazing holiday themed things Alexa can help you with I want to first talk about how we use our Alexa devices in our home during everyday situations.

Using Echo Devices in Everyday Life

Managing 5 kids while running multiple businesses can be chaotic especially when you throw the holidays into the mix. So, I am always looking for ways to lessen the stress and our Echo devices have helped us do just that!

Our Amazon Echo Set Up

In our home, we have an Echo Show in the kitchen, plus we have Alexa Echo Dots in each of the bedrooms (Liv has the Echo Dot Kids Edition) and we also have an Alexa Echo Dot in the office as well. People are always impressed when they come over to see how much easier it is to function when you have Alexa devices throughout the house. It just makes communication so simple.

How Alexa Simplifies Communication

During everyday life, Alexa helps us communicate by dropping in or making announcements throughout the house, which is so much better than yelling up the stairs which was how we previously communicated (yikes!). We also use Alexa to add things to our shopping list, remind us of upcoming events & tasks too! The kids also check the weather using Alexa, listen to music (we have it in sync with our Amazon Music account), and the kids get help with homework too!

Younger Kids can Use Alexa Too!

We recently got Liv her very own Echo Dot Kids Edition which also came with a full year of FreeTime on Alexa and she is absolutely loving it! It has a few added features that little kids can enjoy like bedtime stories, kid-approved music, and character alarm wake ups. And, I love that I can control her settings in my parental control dashboard too!

It also helps to be able to check in with her and communicate things like when she needs to come down for dinner.

Echo Dot Kids Edition

Liv’s favorite things to do with her Echo Dot Kids Edition is definitely the dance parties!! She also loves to ask Alexa to read her a Disney Story too. It is also so sweet to hear her use Alexa to drop in on her sister to say “I love you”.

I have also noticed that she has been playing so much better independently in her room now that she has the Echo Dot Kids Edition. She plays her music, asks Alexa tons of questions and she has actually learned a lot from Alexa too!

2-Year Worry-Free Guarantee

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Amazon is so smart and they knew kids + technology can be dicey so they include a kid-friendly case and an awesome warranty plan that basically states if your kid breaks it, you simply return it and Amazon will replace it- FREE!

My FAVORITE Alexa Device- My NEW Echo Show

My Amazon Echo Show is really cool! It has a full video screen which is so cool when you use it for FaceTime calls. I also love to access recipe videos, check who is at my front door (I have it synced with my Ring doorbell), and so much more!!! I am thinking of gifting one to each of the grandparents because it is such a fantastic way to stay in touch with someone. It feels just like they are sitting at your kitchen table- so cool!!

Added Benefits to Enjoy with Alexa during the Holidays

Amazon Alexa

I am always researching new Alexa skills because they are constantly adding new ones and I was so excited to see all of the fun ways you could use Alexa devices during the holidays. Not only are these skills fun but they are also super helpful too!

My Favorite Ways to Use Alexa Devices during the Holidays

Echo Show

  • Use Your Alexa Show to make holiday baking a breeze!
    • I love to bake with my kids and Alexa makes it so easy!
    • Did you know you can ask Alexa:
      • Alexa, show me a holiday recipe
      • Alexa, add sugar and flour to my holiday shopping list
      • Alexa, set a cookie timer for 20 minutes
      • Alexa, how many ounces are in a cup?
      • Alexa, find me a holiday cookie recipe

There are even cooking videos that pop up with some of the recipes. Liv and Ella get a kick out of those!!

Holidays made easy with Alexa. All the must know tips to make Christmas extra fun using your Amazon Alexa Devices. #amazonalexa #alexaskills #alexa

  • Sync Your Christmas tree lights using the Amazon Smart Plug
    • My husband plugged our Christmas Tree into an Amazon Smart Plug this year which allows us to control the lights with Alexa.
    • You simply say:
      • Alexa, turn on the holiday lights
      • Alexa, turn the holiday lights white 
  • Have the kids track Santa 
    • It lets you know where he is including updates during Christmas Eve
    • Alexa can also tell you facts from the Top Secret Santa Files!!
  • Stay connected to distant relatives with video calling 
    • We love being able to video call relatives and our Echo Show has really made these calls even more special with its large screen, hands-free calling etc…
      • All you have to say is:
        • Alexa, call Grandma
  • Make announcements throughout the house with Alexa
    • We use the announcement feature a ton during everyday life but we noticed it becomes especially handy during the holidays.
      • Alexa, announce that it’s time to decorate the tree
      • Alexa, tell the kids it’s time to watch a holiday movie
      • Alexa, tell the kids to come down if they want to help bake cookies.
  • Days until Christmas
    • Who needs to try and keep track when Alexa can just tell you how many days there are until Christmas, this also prevents kids from asking you over and over. Let them bug Alexa instead- ha!!
      • Alexa, how many days until Christmas?

Amazon Echo Show

  • Alexa can also help you keep track of all your important holiday dates and to-do lists!
    • The holidays are always extra busy and Alexa can help you stay sane through the chaos by adding events and reminders to your calendars, adding items to your to-do lists and more!
      • Alexa, add cookie party to my calendar on December 16 at 7 p.m.
      • Alexa, remind me set the table tomorrow night
      • Alexa, where is the nearest Whole Foods? …Alexa, call them
      • Alexa, add go to the grocery store to my to-do list
      • Alexa, create a holiday dinner shopping list
  • Special Holiday Fun with the Echo Dot Kids Edition and FreeTime on Alexa
    • The Echo Dot Kids Edition has some special features during the holidays too! Have your kiddo try out some of these questions and activities with Alexa.
      • Alexa, Call Santa
      • Alexa, open Disney Stories
      • Alexa, read my book
      • Alexa, can reindeer fly?
      • Alexa, what’s your favorite holiday cookie?
      • Alexa, what’s your favorite holiday story?

Echo Dot Kids Edition

  • Check Alexa Skill Blueprints for even more fun holiday activities.
    • Try the “Santa’s Letter” blueprint. Not only does it allow you to write a letter and wish list to Santa but you can even check back every day to track its progress to the North Pole. You’ll even hear a weekly response from Santa himself.
    • Send a Hallmark card to a loved one with the “Hallmark Holiday Greeting card,” skill. It allows you to create and share a Hallmark greeting card with family and friends, complete with custom images and personalized messages.

Learn more about Echo devices by clicking here.

How do your Echo Devices make your life easier?


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