Lonely Planet Kids Book Review + GIVEAWAY!

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review + Giveaway | Global Munchkins

Lonely Planet has always been my go to resource for travel guides. I absolutely love how they incorporate actual travelers recommendations in their books vs just one author on assignment. They have never let me down. So, when I had the opportunity to review a few of their NEW kids books I jumped at the chance!

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Lonely Planet Kids Book Review

Do you dream of raising a travel loving, culturally well rounded global citizen? Have a kid that loves to travel? Or a kid that just LOVES reading? Then you will LOVE the Lonely Planet Kids Books.

These books will inspire, entice and teach your children all about our fascinating world and the people and animals that live in it. They are cleverly written, gorgeously illustrated and just plain fun to read!

For purpose of review we were given the following two books. *Don’t forget we are giving away one of each of the titles below in the GIVEAWAY!

The Lonely Planet Kids Travel Book: Mind Blowing Stuff on Every Country in the World

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review + Giveaway | Global Munchkins

The Travel Book is a coffee book style large (9 3/8” X 12 ¼” X ¾”) colorful hardcover book that immediately captures attention. Inside it is filled with facts on every country in the world. The book is divided into five sections covering the different continents and then a sixth section covering the Oceania region.

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review + Giveaway | Global Munchkins

As with most Lonely Planet works The Travel Book is bursting with gorgeous imagery. The book also has a ton of facts about each country including: flag, population, landmass and life expectancy. Plus, it has fun facts like what the country is known for, cultural tips, customs, native foods, language samples, famous people, native animals & more!

My son said he felt like he had “traveled the world” when he finished the book. He also added a TON of countries to our family’s bucketlist.

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review + Giveaway | Global Munchkins

I loved that the book not only had the typical facts on each country but it also had additional fun facts that my son eagerly recited back to me. These tidbits are what makes the book so extraordinarily different than other travel books I have come across.

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Not for Parents: Paris

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review + Giveaway | Global Munchkins

It is NO secret my daughter Ella is O>B>S>E>S>S>E>D with Paris so of course she wanted to try the Not for Parents: Paris edition. I was a bit hesitant because we already own a million books on Paris. I assumed this book would be full of info that she already knew.

Boy, was I wrong. Lonely Planet is just nailing it with creating books that kids will LOVE. The Not for Parents: Paris book is by far Ella’s favorite when it comes to books on Paris. She has read to front to back three times already!!!

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review + Giveaway | Global Munchkins

This book is a soft bound average sized book. It’s quirky and funny and filled with a ton of information. The way that the information is presented though is sheer perfection. It engages the kids through funny comical antidotes on top of actual images and facts. So, kids are actually having fun while learning. Win/Win for any parent!

This book is part of a series covering the world’s most exciting cities like: Rome, London and New York. They also have a similar series covering countries like: U.S.A., Britain, South America, Australia and Asia.

Ella is already asking for the China version. She wants to know more about China than her grandparents who have been living there as expats for the past two years 😉

About Lonely Planet Kids

Lonely Planet Kids Book Review + Giveaway | Global Munchkins

From the world’s leading travel media company comes Lonely Planet Kids, a children’s imprint that brings the world to life for young explorers everywhere. We promise to inspire and delight curious kids, sharing our enthusiasm and love for the world, and our continual fascination with rich diversity of people, places and cultures that surround us. For more information, visit lonelyplanet.com/kids, and join us on Facebook (facebook.com/lpkidstravel) and Twitter (@lpkids).

Lonely Planet Kids Book GIVEAWAY!!

Here is YOUR chance to win one of these amazing books for your kids. I teamed up with Lonely Planet Kids to giveaway a copy of The Travel Book and Not for Parents: Paris. Enter the giveaway below… Good Luck!! And, don’t forget to share the giveaway with your friends on Facebook and Twitter too!!!
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