Meal Planning for Busy Families- Delicious & Easy!

Today I am super excited to share a new strategy I am obsessed with when it comes to meal planning for busy families. Like many families our weeknights are CRAZY with a capital C. My husband and I spend the evenings shuffling multiple kids back and forth across town to different sports practices and swim lessons so when it comes to meals I need something delicious, easy, and super quick which is why I LOVE Omaha Steaks Slow Cooker Meals and Skillet Dinners. I first learned about these after visiting Omaha Nebraska as part of my ambassadorship with Omaha Steaks. I had grown up on their delicious steaks and caramel apple tartlets that my mom would receive through her work when I was little, but I hadn’t realized that Omaha Steaks now has a bunch of amazing chef-inspired meal options. They are seriously our FAVORITE weeknight dinners. Don’t miss the amazing savings with a special offer for Global Munchkins readers- you can SAVE 75% OFF!!!

Meal Planning for Busy Families- Delicious & Easy!

How Omaha Steaks is making meal planning for busy families super easy!

I have tried so many food subscription box services in search of something that we could whip up quickly and easily at home during the busy weeknight schedule and, while some of them were tasty they definitely were not easy. In fact, many of them required a ton of prep work not to mention the fact that we ended up throwing away quite a few of them because our plans would change and the food would spoil.

So, when I learned that Omaha Steaks offered a frozen meal that went from freezer to plate in just 15 minutes flat. You guys you literally open the freezer, pull out the box, dump it into your skillet and cook. That means one pan to clean and ZERO prep. Plus NO spoilage because it is frozen. And, the meals are absolutely phenomenal. So so yummy!!!

Another awesome idea when it comes to meal planning for busy families is Omaha Steaks slow cooker meals. Similar to the skillet meals there is almost no prep- I think one of them needed me to add water but that was it. Otherwise its pretty much open it up and place meat on the bottom top with veggies, starches, and sauce (all included) and cook in the slow cooker.

These are perfect for the cooler months because they are the ultimate comfort meal and they make your house smell AMAZING!!! I like to make (or buy) some cornbread or a french loaf and maybe a packaged salad mix to complete the meal. Super easy!

Why choose Omaha Steaks when it comes to Meal Planning for Busy Families?

1 Premium Quality Protein

With Omaha Steaks, you are getting butcher quality premium proteins in every meal and the recipes themselves are inspired by real chefs (seriously, I met them!). The chefs actually select the ingredients so that they fit a variety of tastes and needs. *They even have options that work great for low-carb and keto dieters like me!!

2 Online Ordering

That is right you can order your Omaha Steaks skillet dinners and slow cooker meals straight from your phone at the soccer field. It is so convenient.

3 Delivered Frozen to Your Door

Forget about needing to run to the store Omaha Steaks delivers your meals frozen straight to your door. The other bonus here is that you can stock up so when a random night goes array you always have something delicious, quick, and easy waiting for you in the freezer at home.

4 No Prep

OMG!! This is probably my favorite part. You get a dinner that tastes super fresh (thanks to their flash freezing process) but without the hassle of all that prep work.

5 Easy Clean-Up

Another key benefit is that the Omaha Steaks Skillet and Slow Cooker Meals require clean up of only one pan because they either cook in your skillet or your slow cooker and they have zero prep. It’s amazing!!!


Ummm… this is the key these dinners are absolutely amazing when it comes to taste. I have seven of us in the family and we can hardly ever agree on dinners we love however when it comes to Omaha Steaks it’s easy. We all love every single meal we have tried. I am dead serious if you know us go ahead and ask any of my kids and they will tell you their favorite nights are Omaha Steaks nights. They get so excited whenever we receive a new delivery.

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Have you experienced the Omaha Steaks Difference?


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