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Online Math Tutor

Over the past 10 years, our local math tutor was (luckily for me) my husband. However, as my older two boys entered high school you could see my husband spending more and more time trying to figure out our kids problems and also looking quite a bit frazzled. Finally, we decided our kids needed more assistance than good ol’ dad (and dad needed a break, to be honest) So, we looked for a wide variety of tutors and found one that could not be any more perfect for kids of the new digital age, the Yup APP.

Why my Kids Love the Yup App

On-Demand Tutoring

One of the big struggles with finding a tutor is being able to find a schedule that worked. Between practices, extra curricular activities, family events, there was always something popping up that made it so difficult to find a steady schedule. In addition, many times my kids understood a concept and just didn’t need any help so it was a waste of my child’s time and the tutor’s time.

Online Math Tutor

The Yup app has tutors available 24/7. To use the app, my kids take a picture of the math problem or concept they’re working on and are connected to a tutor in under 60 seconds. The tutors are experts (former math teachers, professors, and grad students) who not only teach my child how to solve the problem but properly guide them so they actually do the problem on their own and thus learn the concept. In fact, All tutor applicants pass a rigorous vetting process and only 5% become Yup tutors.

So, if they need help with a problem late at night, early in the morning, or right before a big test, there is always a well-trained tutor available. 

Online Math Tutor

Improved Grades with Proven Teaching Methods

Both my boys’ test scores have shot up since we got the Yup app. Yup tutors teach math concepts according to proven teaching methods. These methods were developed with education experts to ensure children using the app are actually learning math concepts and not just getting easy answers. According to Yup “Mastering concepts is key to long-term academic success because you can apply them to future homework, tests, and courses.” You can learn more about their teaching methods here

Yup App

Pro Tip – The Yup tutors’ methods are meant to teach your student the material, however, if your child feels he understands a certain portion of the material, have he or she let the tutor know and they will speed up. Or vice versa, if they need the tutor to slow down, they happily will. 

Less Guilt

Both my kids said, besides the app being amazing, they feel so much better that they don’t have to ask for help. Camden would always feel bad after seeing us exhausted from our day to ask about a math question. Often times he said, he would just not ask rather than worrying about taking up our time. Let me tell you as a mom, it is so nice to spend quality time with your kid and struggling through homework is definitely not quality time. Instead, we get to enjoy our time together on more fun things and when my son needs tutoring, he heads to the app.

Why Mom & Dad Love Yup App

Unlimited Tutoring for only $87 a month. 

Last year we needed to get a Latin tutor for the final three months of school. The tutor cost $35 an hour, so for just 4 sessions a month we were paying $140 a month and on test weeks we had an extra session so the costs really went up. There were times where my son needed a little more than an hour, so the tutor would try to cram in as much info in the hour as possible, but oftentimes things would be missed. The unlimited tutoring 24/7 is great because there never is a time where my kids are rushed to learn. 

Online Math Tutor

Review Your Child’s Tutoring Sessions

I was a bit curious when the boys were first using the app at what exactly they were learning. They both said they loved the app, but I wasn’t sure how useful an app really could be. All tutoring sessions are saved and made available for both parents and the student to review. Parents can access their child’s sessions in the Yup Family Portal. Children can access their sessions in the app and review them whenever they need to brush up on concepts or study. 


Yup has been an absolute saviour for our family. Our kids love how convenient it is. Both their math grades are now A’s. Plus, dad is no longer spending hours trying to figure out math problems, and the kids have a tutor that truly knows how to teach. 

You can find out more about Yup on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for Android devices.


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