Samsung Galaxy S9+ [Tips for Taking the BEST Photos]

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The Samsung Galaxy S9+ can help you up your photo game in a major way! The phone has a mechanical dual aperture which is a fancy way to say that it can adjust to different lighting settings to help you capture crisp and clear photos in all kinds of lighting situations. The Samsung Galaxy S9+ also has a NEW Slow- mo feature that creates GIFs automatically from your footage– I mean serious cool mom points right there!! Plus, so much more!!

Samsung Galaxy S9+ [Tips for Taking the BEST Photos]

Learn how to use your new Samsung Galaxy S9+. Great tips for taking photos of your kids. #samsunggalaxys9+ #samsunggalaxy

The NEW Samsung Galaxy S9+ didn’t just come with a few minor enhancements. The included technology went through a complete overhaul that adds tons of new usable features and benefits. Many of which I think are incredible for on-the-go moms like me. Some of my personal favorite upgrades are the new dual aperture, increased pixels, and slow-mo capabilities on the camera. I also think that the ability to be submerged underwater is a big plus too!

Features of the Samsung Galaxy S9+

  • Camera
    • Dual-Aperture- One of the most compelling new features is the incredible new Dual-Aperture (F1.5) lens. It literally adapts to lighting situations just like the human eye. Meaning you can finally snap amazing pics in low light situations, even in the dark!
    • Super Slow-Mo- capture hilarious moments in slow-mo and then turn that clip into a GIF. So fun!
    • Advanced Camera Controls– alter ISO, focus, white balance, and exposure.
  • Other Features of the Samsung Galaxy S9+
    • Live Translation– this is HUGE for travelers like us. The camera can actually help translate what someone is saying LIVE!
    • AR Emoji- create a cartoon version of yourself using the Samsung Galaxy S+ augmented reality emoji maker. Then use your emoji’s stickers and videos when you text & chat with friends.
    • Incredible Sound- the phone also comes with surround sound stereo speakers by AKG which delivers a rich theater-like audio experience.
    • Multi-Device Experience- Share your photos & videos easily by syncing to your devices through your Samsung account. Talk about convenience.
    • Waterproof- both the Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ are resistant in fresh water up to a maximum of 1.5 meters deep for up to 30 minutes. They are also dust-resistant without any extra case or cover.
    • Intelligent Scan- even in low light the camera can recognize you instantly using a new technology that combines face recognition + iris scan.
    • Infinity Display- the Samsung Galaxy S9+ comes with a gorgeous edge to edge screen.
    • Phone Color Options- Available in lilac purple, coral blue, and midnight black.

Photo features of the new Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Camera Feature Breakdown

Photo enthusiasts will LOVE all the awesome camera functions on the new Samsung Galaxy S9+. There are plenty of new modes and icons to tap, each allowing you to create the most incredible photos.

Live Focus

The camera will open in auto mode but if you swipe right you can enter the Live Focus Mode. This mode will definitely be one of your favorites as it allows you to automatically blur the background. It even has an on-screen slider that allows you to adjust the amount of blue the camera adds to your photo. This feature helps you create those amazing increased depth of field shots.

*Note- you do need to be at least a meter and a half away from your subject before the Live Focus mode can activate.

Tips on using the NEW SamsungGalaxy S9+

Pro Mode

If you are a photographer or have some knowledge of how photography works you will be thrilled by the adjustments you can make in Pro Mode. Here you will be able to alter ISO, focus, white balance, and exposure. If you are not a camera expert I suggest you read your manual before tinkering with these features.

In Pro Mode, you can also find some pretty cool filters too!


Something cool about the Panorama feature is that you can actually grab a still & a video at the same time. Above the shutter release, you will see a yellow icon. When activated (it should be by default automatically) it captures a Motion Panorama which means it captures a video at the same time as it is capturing the still panorama. Two in one- it’s a Win/Win!

Food Mode

We leave in a photogenic world now thanks to Instagram. Just head to your local hipster cafe and watch all the phones get whipped out as the food is being delivered to the tables. Well, if you are one of the millions that enjoy snapping great pics of your meals than the Food Mode is going to get you excited.

When you swipe right to activate the Food Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S9+ it will automatically place a tilted blur around your focal point. Slowly move the focal point around the screen until you get the shot that you want. It really helps you find the perfect way to frame your dish. If you don’t like the blur feature you can easily tap the yellow drop icon and turn it off.

Another great option is tapping the palette icon which allows you to adjust the temperature color. This comes in handy with the varying lighting conditions you find in restaurants.

Super Slo Motion Video (GIF Creation)

This is by far my kids’ favorite feature of my Samsung Galaxy S9+ and that is because the results are HILARIOUS!!!

The phone can shoot super slow-mo video and it’s extremely easy to use. You just swipe and click on Slow-Mo and the camera will prompt you with a yellow box. When something moves inside the yellow box the slow-mo will activate.

What makes it so fun is that you can set the video you create to music or you can create a looping GIF. My boys surprised their sister by squirting her with water and the slow-mo combined with the looping was hysterical. I could see this being a really fun way to share moments on social media.


AR Emoji- how to use it + more Samsung Galaxy S9+ Tips

AR Emoji

Another really fun option that uses the camera is the AR Emoji. This feature creates an augmented reality version of you using a photo you take with the phone’s camera. After your AR Emoji is created you can adjust some things like hair color and clothing. After you complete your AR Emoji you can find stickers and videos that feature it and you can send those via text and chat. Pretty fun!!

You can also create AR Emoji’s of other people. You can imagine the fun that has in store.


Lastly, is the Hyperlapse feature which allows you to record a video for a set time but then the camera automatically condenses it down into a short clip. It’s the ones where you see someone decorate an entire Christmas Tree in a few seconds. Or where they show a cruise ship being built (which took months) and you watch it in 5 minutes. You know what I am talking about, right! Well, now you can create those cool clips too!

Simple tricks using the Samsung S9+ for Insta-Worthy Pics with Kids

Samsung Galaxy S(+ has incredible camera features.

So, know that we chatted about all the amazing camera features the Samsung Galaxy S9+ has let’s get down to what you really want to know. How is this camera going to help you capture the BEST photos of your kids?

  1. The Dual-Aperature lens will automatically adjust in different lighting scenarios which allows you to capture those super cute moments indoors or outside at night.
  2. You can engage the Grid in the camera settings which will help you frame your photos using the “Rule of Thirds” concept.
  3. The Live Filters allow you to see how your photo will look with a filter as you shoot it. You can switch between the filters as you shoot the photo to find the one that you like the best.
  4. The Hybrid Zoom feature is great for school performances as it allows you to zoom into your subject by 2x without losing any quality.
  5. Grab that game-winning soccer goal with the Sports Mode available under the Camera Modes of your Samsung Galaxy S9+. Just go to your camera settings and make sure that the Sports Mode is activated.

Which of these features do you love most about the NEW Samsung Galaxy S9+? Tell us in the comments below.

You can learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S9+ or purchase yours today on the Target Website here. Take a look at where exactly I found my phone in my Target store below. It was in the electronics department and there was a HUGE banner placed right above the phone. Of course, the helpful Target staff can help you locate it as well.

Find the NEW Samsung Galaxy S9+ at Target.

*Disclaimer- This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SamsungTargetTech #CollectiveBias

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