9 Toys We Love from Walmart + the CUTEST Unicorn Birthday Decorations

This post is in partnership with Walmart, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I love the hustle and bustle of the fall season, between the kids going back to school and activities picking up for each of them. However, for my little one, it means getting a bit less direct attention since her older siblings are so busy. With her birthday right around the corner, I knew we had to celebrate in a big way to make our spunky, pajama loving girl feel special. We decided, admittedly a bit last minute, to throw her an epic unicorn-themed birthday, (by the way my friend at Frosted events has an epic Bohemian Party you have to check out_ With one quick run to Walmart and a couple of clicks on walmart.com, I was able to both decorate for the party and find her the perfect gift. 

Here’s the thing with toys. In the midst of our renovation, I’ve realized there is definitely a divide between good and bad toys by finding which ones got abandoned in the back of closets. I think it is really all about keeping the child engaged because believe it or not they actually love learning new things! Especially when it doesn’t really feel like learning. When shopping for Olivia’s birthday gifts, I definitely kept this in mind. In fact, I have narrowed down some of my new favorites from Walmart and at her birthday party last Saturday we surprised her with a few! 

best walmart toys

What I Look For in Toys 

Below, I have listed all the things I take into consideration when purchasing toys for my kiddos. Luckily America’s Best Toy Shop, Walmart, has such a huge selection it’s never hard to find something that checks off all my boxes. 

  • Age Appropriate- Every stage of childhood brings new skills and new things to discover. One of the most important things to think about when choosing a toy is if it is age-appropriate. If it is too complex or too simple your child will quickly lose interest. 

  • Educational Element- STEM toys are what really fall into this category, and luckily there are tons of them on the market right now. 
  • Durability- Quality over quantity is the motto. This is why I am so grateful that Walmart carries some of the top toy brands. 
  • Promoting Imagination- The best toys promote imagination and help your little one expand their world. 

  • Helping to Develop Motor Skills- Toys are for fun obviously, but they also are a big part of how your child learns new skills. 

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9 New Toys We are LOVING

Backyard Discovery Breezy Point Wooden Playhouse with Kitchen 

If you are looking for a big, magical birthday gift… this is it. This playhouse checks off everything on the list above and is something that your little one will get a ton of use out of. Not to mention, it is super cute and won’t be an eyesore in the backyard. 

VTech Myla the Magical Unicorn Electronic Pet

best walmart toys

Liv was so excited to open her Myla the Magical Unicorn and basically hasn’t put her down since! This colorful unicorn lights up, talks, and will sing a duet with you. With that little wand you see in Olivia’s hand, you can change the colors and decorate the unicorn. Best of all, when your little one pats her back she will give them a positive message! 

ZURU Pets Alive Boppi the Booty Shakin Llama

This might just be the cutest toy ever! The fuzzy llama sings and dances, which will get your little one up and moving along with it. I have never seen a toy shake its booty before, but trust me it is absolutely hilarious. 

Playskool Mr. Potato Head Movin’ Lips

Olivia definitely has a big personality and a great sense of humor, so we love finding toys that match this. The Playskool Mr. Potato Head Movin’ Lips definitely fits. I mean it sings a parody of Meghan Trainor’s “Lips Are Movin'” and can say over 50 phrases. Olivia also loves creating hilarious looks with the different pieces. 

Thomas and Friends Trackmaster Cave Collapse Train Playset 

Train sets keep your little one occupied for a long time since they can both build and play. This set is perfect for kiddos aged 3-7 years old. The train is motorized and you can set boulders up in its path that it will knock off the track. There is also a hand-cranked mineshaft that can pull Thomas up to the top of the mine. 

Disney Tots Plush Assortment

When shopping for birthday gifts, I always try to keep in mind the characters and shows that my kids love. This is an easy way to guarantee they will love the toy! T.O.T.S. on Disney Jr is really popular in our house right now, and this little plush cat made for the perfect gift. 

VTech Explore & Write Activity Desk 

You can only find this at Walmart and it is one of the absolute best toys to encourage your creative little one! This little desk can also be used as an easel and chalkboard. It will encourage learning colors, numbers, letters, music, and more. 

L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls

I think you can tell by her face that her L.O.L. dolls are well-loved. Walmart has tons of different L.O.L. doll options making it easy to add to her collection without buying the same one twice. I love that she gets to be surprised by the gift and then surprised again while opening the doll. 

Ryan’s World Splash Out

What is more fun than a game of Hot Potato? A game of Hot Potato with a water balloon that’s about to burst! Splash Out is a fun game for the whole family and fast-paced enough to keep everyone’s attention. 


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