3 Incredible Reasons to Travel to Bali WITHOUT Kids

Travel to Bali Without Kids

Clearly, I believe that traveling with your children is incredibly important. But, that doesn’t mean you should NEVER take a trip without them. Similarly to how traveling with your kids strengthens the family bond… traveling without kids can be extremely beneficial to your marriage not to mention your own personal sanity!!!  One trip I absolutely LOVED sans kids was a trip Mike and I took to Bali for our 10th wedding anniversary. There is so much to do in Bali, it is perfect for a couple’s getaway!

Travel to Bali Without Kids

3 Reasons to Travel to Bali WITHOUT Kids

Strengthen Your Relationship

Traveling with kids means the focus is on them the majority of the time. When you are able to get away as a couple you escape all those parenting pressures. You are able to focus your attention on your spouse and it does wonders for your marriage. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your relationship. What better place to escape to than Bali?

Travel to Bali Without Kids

In Bali Mike and I were able to actually finish long conversations- interruption free! We lounged by our private plunge pool. Went on long walks along the rice paddies. Enjoyed cultural dinners and dancing. We stayed out late and we slept in. It was all about US! It was amazing!!!

This freedom provided the perfect circumstance to re-kindle our romance, connect with each other and remember all the reasons we fell in love in the first place.

Travel to Bali Without Kids

Be Spontaneous

There is no need to stick to a schedule when it is just the two of you. You can make plans or just fly by the seat of your pants. For example, when Mike and I were in Bali we loved rafting so much we decided to book a second rafting trip. We could have never done this with the kids because for one- finding a spot on a tour that late for 7 people is much harder than it was for 2. Not to mention having to get all 7 of us to actually agree to want to go again. Its just impossible to make those kinds of changes last minute when you are with a group.

Travel to Bali Without Kids

To be unstructured like that for even just a few days feels refreshing. To get to focus on doing WHAT YOU want to do WHEN YOU want to do it is a luxury most parents don’t get to experience. At least not when they are traveling with kids.

Room for Indulgences

Let’s face it travel can be expensive and most of the time when you travel as a family you are trying to cut costs wherever you can. However, when its just the two of you all the bills are cheaper. So, take that excess and splurge.

Book that spa appointment or a couples massage your always eyeballing. Opt for the 5 course dinner at the fancy schmancy restaurant. Whatever tickles your fancy. This is your chance to live it up!!!

Travel to Bali Without Kids

Travel to Bali Without Kids

I highly recommend you travel to someplace like Bali where these indulgences are priced at points you can afford. For example in Bali we enjoyed a private catered beach picnic for about $40 USD each. And, the most luxurious 5 course wine paired dinner a top a private candlelit canopy above the ocean with our own butler for about $100 USD total!!!

Travel to Bali Without Kids

We rode elephants, enjoyed guided tours and went rafting all at exceptional prices. It was SO fun!!

And, heck You Deserve It!!!

Travel to Bali Without Kids

Parenting is HARD work. Taking the time off to re-charge your parenting batteries is absolutely necessary. Not only does it restore your sanity but you will also come back better equipped to deal with the chaos that will be waiting for you. Plus, the kids will reap lifelong benefits from having parents with a strong marital relationship.

Do you travel without your kids? Have you ever visited Bali?

Leave me a comment- let’s discuss!


  • Bali has always been on my bucket list but now after reading your post,I’m convinced to go as soon as possible!
    Loved your pictures and tips.

  • Kia Miller says:

    We are going to Bali without our two children in March for 6 days. We have been so excited as we have only ever gone to Bali with kids, but we are feeling a bit down this time. We are leaving them age 2 and 5 with my parents whom they adore!! But iv’e had comments from other family members about writing a will if something happens??? And that we are careless and not to mention the high terror alert in Indonesia what are we thinking! Talk about killing our holiday vibe!

    • Mama Munchkin says:

      I’m SO sorry you are getting negative backlash from family members 🙁 It was honestly one of the BEST things we ever did for our marriage though so stick to it. Everyone will be just fine. We had a will in place already, just in case and probably bc I felt like if we had one and were prepared then nothing would happen. But, since then we’ve traveled w/o our kids numerous times and I don’t think you should feel bad at all. All parents deserve a break. Reconnecting with yourself and your partner make you a better parent when you return anyways. Have an AMAZING trip!!!!

  • Vania says:

    Totally agree on what you wrote. Bali has been offering many activities and places where you can enjoy life in luxury way with cheap price. Also with its romantic vibe and relaxing environment, love this island! 🙂

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