Costa Rica- Day 2

Costa Rica was such a last minute trip… and I think bc it was really my sister’s trip (senior trip!) I didn’t do much planning. We stayed in Guanacaste Costa Rica and I had some knowledge of a town called Tamirindo that was near by and had restaurants and shops (more touristy area) and I knew there were places that rented horses, kayaks etc… But, no firm bookings really at all.

Thankfully, Costa Rica was a great place to be with no plans. We had internet so each night we would plan out the next days adventures. And, bc we did everything last minute the people kept offering us amazing deals. It would be like $70 to zipline… or pay $90 and you can horseback, zipline, eat lunch and go to our volcanic baths. Ummm… who’s going to turn down the later??? Not us. So, we lived it up the whole time we were there.

But, we did almost not make it past day 1…

The house we rented came with a map that looked like this. The hubs thought we should take a walk and explore Tamirindo town. The map said that we could catch a boat over. So, we checked out the map and headed out for a walk.


It was a gorgeous walk… but it looked like we were walking through a swamp. We were all a little creeped out until we finally made it through and found the water.


It was an absolutely GORGEOUS view!!!


We saw the boats so after taking some great pics we hopped on for $1 a person USD and off we went. Except the ride literally only took us across that tiny slip of water you see above.


We all laughed thinking we had been had… that the $1 must just be for gullable tourists as obviously we could have walked around that slip of water or swam across etc… So we thought (dun… dun… DUUUUNNNNN…).


So we took more awesome pics, walked through shops and drank delicious homemade smoothies. We realized that Costa Rica was not a cheap place to visit as food costs were similar to those in the US. And, we learned the reason you pay $1 to take the boat across is bc that tiny slip of water is filled with CROCODILES… WHAT???

A store owner explained frantically when she overheard us saying we would swim across that the locals keep trying to get the government to put a sign up to warn tourists about the crocodiles. We weren’t sure if she was pulling our leg so we started googling it. Turns out there have been multiple attacks where the crocs have gone after people… dogs etc… We cancelled the kids surf lessons which were going to be near that part of the water and rented a car so we wouldn’t have to cross that water or walk back through the swamp at dusk- YIKES!

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