Maui Day 3- Vlog (Zipline with Skyline Eco-Tours)

Talk about fun… day 3 kicked off with a bang as we headed out to Upcountry (Kula) on our way to Haleakala for our Skyline Eco-Adventure Zipline Tour. The tour had 5 zips and a suspension bridge. The munchkins were all excited as they have already been ziplining in Costa Rica and absolutely LOVED every second of it. I was excited as Skyline is known for being incredibly safe and also Eco-Conscious (ahhh… makes a mama heart so happy). I was even happier that they included educational aspects of the tour. The kids learned about indigenous plants and birds as we hiked through the Eucalyptus forest and before each zipline. Talk about a great company!!! I would highly recommend this tour… especially for novice zipliners as the lines were fairly short and easy and there were no crazy stunts happening. Also, excellent for parents who don’t want to have a heart attack watching their kids zipline– trust me!

Check it out for yourself by watching our YouTube video.

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Have you tried ziplining? Let me know in the comments… and if you did tell me where you zipped.

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