King’s Island Discount Tickets [11 Ways to Score Tickets!]

kings island discount tickets
kings island discount tickets

So, if you checked out my recent post, my kids and hubby are pushing hard for a theme park road trip to Cedar’s Point and then head down to King’s Island for the ultimate roller coaster adventures. King’s Island is home to “The Beast,” which remains the world’s longest wooden roller coast. Completing this 7,359 ft long roller coaster takes four minutes!!!!!  That being said, paying for 5 kids and mom and dad is not a fun ride, so I have researched and researched and found 11 ways to score Kings Island Discount Tickets.

Kings Island Discount Tickets – 11 Ways to Score Cheap Tickets

kings island discount tickets

Photo Courtesy of Kings Island

Where to Find The Best Discounts for Kings Island Tickets

Admission to Kings Island without any discounts currently starts at $79 daily! Don’t worry! Finding the best admission deals for tickets is simple.

Below are 10 ways that are guaranteed to get you the best ticket prices for Kings Island.

1. aRes Travel Kings Island Discount Tickets

aRes is one of our favorite places to look for discount tickets, and that is why they are fittingly first on this list! They sell Kings Island daily tickets for nearly half the price, plus allow you to buy your parking pass at a discount. You will also find a multitude of packages available through them, including tickets + hotel deals. Check out their current prices here.

2. Kroger’s Grocery Store Chains

Kroger stores tickets for daily admission as low as $45 for daily admissions. Come in at any time of the time. You can also purchase Gold and Platinum season passes at this location. Layaway is available here too!

kings island discount tickets

Photo Courtesy of Kings Island

3. Coaster Combo Ticket

Can’t decide for sure which park to spend your money on? Purchasing combo tickets is ideal for coaster enthusiasts! Combo tickets work for those who just can’t choose one coaster park. These tickets get you one day at Cedar Point and Kings Island. You choose any day the parks are open to the public. Between the two parks, you have access to 34 of the best roller coasters in the world.

4. After 4 p.m. Discounted Admission Ticket for Kings Island

When the lights come on, the real Island fun begins! What better way to experience coaster thrills than at night! There’s so much to do after 4 p.m. Kings Island has live shows and entertainment events all over the park. Enjoy Soak City Water Park after the heat of the afternoon. Buying after 4 PM is a win. Better discounts, fewer people, the sun isn’t scorching! Don’t forget that the park is open until midnight every Saturday through July 29! You will need to inquire about these tickets at the gate. 

5. All-Inclusive Ticket

Consider getting inclusive tickets if you are traveling from a great distance. These ticket packages let you experience virtually everything in the park. Plus, you get free parking, fast lane passes, dining tickets, FunPix passes, and a souvenir bottle! This will give you the best experience with the least amount of money. Save money on meals and waiting in line for rides. Save up to $99 a person when you buy online.

6. Two Day Ticket

It’s completely reasonable to assume you can’t do the whole park in one day. Staying close or whether you live local, these tickets give you the discount advantage. Buying two-day tickets will allow you to come back again at any time during public hours. Make your visit count. Ride roller coasters and some watch shows one day. Next time visit Soak City and the Eiffel Tower.

7. Buy Direct Online from Kings Island

Kings Island often slashes prices on admission and parking if you buy online rather than at the park. Digital ticket purchases save time waiting in line when you arrive. Visit the tickets page for details. Kings Island offers different discounts depending on the season. Catch the best prices and follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

8. Season Pass

One day is NEVER enough time to discover all 48,930 feet of roller coaster excitement!!! Getting the most out of your amusement park experience, buy yourself a season pass. Kings Island has payment plans one size fits all. Get your pass for $20 down and payments as low as $16 a month.

Photo Courtesy of Kings Island

9. Military Discount Tickets for Kings Island

Kings Island honors America’s uniformed active and retired by offering free admission every year during Memorial Day and Independence Day weekends. Valid dates for 2020 are May 23-26 and July 3-5. Members can get this discount at the ticket gate. Active and retired members of the military and veterans simple just need to show valid ID. Plus, Kings Island offers six extra tickets for friends and family. The discount price may vary throughout the season depending on the day and time. Remember to get this, BRING valid military ID.

You can always check the current discount online by simply going through the order process and clicking YES when it asks if you are active or retired military. 

10. AAA Membership

AAA members are offered discounted admission rates on their website or in office. Single-day ticket plus unlimited drinks package start as low as $39.50.

Plan Ahead for Your Kings Island Trip!

This is one park you’ll want to make advance plans. Discounts are abundant and fit any budget. Not only explore the roller coasters, but you can discover all the on-site accommodations Kings Island has to offer. The early bird catches the best deals! Smart shoppers don’t settle for retail prices. Come prepared and NEVER pay ticket window prices again! Plan your trip in advance and buy ahead.


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