A world of adventure! The Best Rides at Epcot!

We may have a bit of bias for Epcot rides, as any traveler would because the park does such an incredible job at recreating your favorite places around the world. It isn’t just the sights, sounds, and smells that make this park so special though. Epcot has so much to offer beyond “traveling around the world” and we actually think their rides and attractions are some of the most exciting. With the new wristband and FastPass + system, planning your Disney trip has become a breeze and ride planning is basically a necessity. (Check out My Epcot FastPass Guide) You will want to know the ins and outs of each park, so you can book fast passes and plan out your day accordingly. While it sure is hard to choose, we want to share with you what we think are the best rides at Epcot for every age, from thrill seeking to those of you who like things a little slower.

A world of adventure! The Best Rides at Epcot!

The Best Epcot Rides For Thrill Seekers

Mission: Space

Epcot is a very family friendly park with plenty of rides meant for the whole family to enjoy, Mission: Space however is truly a ride for the bravest theme park goers when you choose to ride on the orange track. When getting in line for Mission: Space, you will have the option to choose the Green Track or the Orange Track. Both options will lead you to sit in a very realistic feeling spaceship where you will view a video that shows you what astronauts see on take off and up in space. On the Orange Track, you will also experience how it feels to be an astronaut as you spin intensely giving you the feeling of G-forces. It’s a great ride for those who want an intense thrill or kiddos who have always dreamed of being an astronaut.

  • Height Requirements: Green Track 40 in, Orange Track 44 in
  • Fastpass reservation is not essential

Test Track

Best Epcot Rides

As long as you meet the height requirements, this ride is absolutely a must do because it is one of the best rides in Epcot. You will get to experience what it’s like to design and test a car for safety, with one exception you are the dummy. On your test drive, you will wind through rough roads in inclement weather and reach speeds of 65 mph. Even though it does catch some serious speed, it really isn’t very scary because it feels just like you’re in a car. Will your car pass the test?!

  • Height Requirements: 40 in
  • Fastpass or Single Rider is highly recommended

The Best Rides at Epcot for the little ones!

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

What’s not to love about Nemo (and all his friends!)? Climb on a “clam-mobile” and cruise through some different scenes from the movie and actually will be on a journey to find Nemo once again. This ride is great for all ages and the best part is when you hop off at the end you will find yourself among some real fish in Disney’s Living Seas’ Aquarium. You will find sharks, stingrays, fish, and a coral reef.

  • No Height Requirement
  • Fastpass not necessary

Frozen Ever After

Best Rides at Epcot

While we were a little sad to see the old troll ride in the Norway region of the park go, we can’t deny how great Frozen Ever After is as a replacement. Hop into an ancient Norwegian vessel and embark on a journey through a chilly winter in Arendelle. You already know this ride will include all your favorite Frozen tunes that you and your kiddos will probably end up singing the entire day once you hear them. It also has great animatronics bringing all the characters to life.

  • No Height Requirement
  • Fastpass Highly Recommended. If you have a Frozen fan making this a must do, book as far in advance as possible.

Gran Fiesta Tour Featuring the Three Caballeros

It is always a good time for a fiesta, especially when it comes in the form of a boat ride that your whole family can enjoy. The Three Caballeros are on the search for Donald Duck and it’s pure entertainment. We love that this ride is actually a part of the World Showcase, making it a good break from walking around or an escape from the Florida weather.

  • No Height Requirement
  • No Fastpass  
Best Rides at Epcot

Often times you will find Donald Duck neat the Three Caballeros Ride

The Best Epcot Rides for the Entire Family!

Soarin’ Around the World- Soarin’ Around California was good, but Soarin’ Around the World is truly special. It gives you exactly the experience that you expect out of Epcot with video clips from all over the world, giving you a little bit of reality inside this fantasy park. You will glide by every bucket list landmark from Sydney Harbor to the Great Wall Of China. You will be 40 feet in the air in front of an IMAX projection dome, making it feel as real as ever. It is hands down one of the best rides in Epcot.

  • Height Requirement: 40 in
  • Fastpass Reservation Highly Recommended


The Best Rides Coming Soon to Epcot

Guardians of the Galaxy Attraction

Not too many details are available yet for this attraction, but it will be for sure one of the most exciting attractions to come to Epcot. This will be one the world’s longest enclosed coasters and I am sure it will be simply amazing. The ride is set to open in 2021 as EPCOT will be celebrating it’s 50th anniversary. This for sure will be one of the best rides at Epcot, if not the best.

Ratatouille: the Adventure Ride in

Disney Paris Ratatouille

Also scheduled to arrive in 2021 is the Ratatouille Ride. We have actually ridden on this ride at the Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris back in 2014. You shrink down to the size of  Remy in this 4-D adventure ride and encounter quite the adventure as you get chased across a kitchen with the sights, sounds and smells of Gusteau’s Parisian restaurant. This is a little bit like Soarin’ with a little more action involved.


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