A Few of Our Favorite Christmas Traditions & Why Matching Slippers are a Must

In our family, Christmas is a BIG deal. We quite literally deck the halls, complete with a snow machine outside our house and annually winning an award from our community for having one of the best-decorated houses. With the decorations on the inside and out screaming holiday cheer, you can’t help but want to be warm & cozy with a mug of hot cocoa in your hand all winter long. That brings me to the fact that we pretty much live all winter long in our Christmas pajamas and DEARFOAMs Christmas Slippers. I am not overexaggerating when I say I wait all year long to grab my favorite comfy pair of slippers out of the closet. Continue on to read about some of our favorite Christmas traditions and how we kick off the season with Christmas pajamas and slippers! 

Our Favorite Christmas Traditions

Matching Pajamas & Slippers

For us, all the Christmas traditions start with matching pajamas and slippers. Finding the right pair is what kicks off our holiday season and you will probably find us wearing them during many of our other Christmas traditions from decorating the tree to our cookie party and Christmas morning breakfast, which I will talk about below!

This year, we found the cutest new slippers from DEARFOAMs and even though our teenagers may not be too thrilled (it’s a facade, they secretly love matching too), the rest of us can’t wait to match! My favorite thing about these slippers is that they have a cozy flannel and faux fur lining. After all, even in California, it’s important to have cozy slippers to keep your toes warm! They also have rubber soles meaning we can go outside in them if necessary. 

Our Annual Cookie Party

One of my personal favorite traditions is our annual cookie party. Baking is a huge passion of mine and I love having my friends and family gathered around the kitchen to test out their own decorating skills. We do everything from gingerbread houses to sugar cookies. And, of course, you are highly encouraged to come in your favorite Christmas pajamas! This year you will surely find me in my DEARFOAMs Mama Bear slippers as we bake and frost our hearts out. 

Decking the Halls and Hanging the Stockings

As I said, we take decorating for Christmas pretty seriously. Meaning you need some comfy clothes for the weekend-long event of decking the halls. We all lived in our DEARFOAMs slippers while decorating this year. We each add a little something special to the house. I always hang our stockings and decorate the mantel and this year, I had a Lil Bear’s help!

Papa’s Christmas Morning Cheesy Eggs with Ham 

Last but certainly not least, there is Christmas morning itself. We wake up early to open a couple of presents and check out what Santa left in our stockings. A sleepy Nana and Papa roll in at some point and begin preparing a Christmas morning feast. The big hit is always Papa’s cheesy eggs with ham. No one can make them quite like him! This has been how our Christmas mornings have gone for as long as any of my kids can remember. And, you guessed it, we are always wearing our Christmas pajamas and slippers. 


I love looking back over all the years of Christmas morning pictures and seeing my babies in their pajama sets. It’s just a little something that makes the memories that much sweeter. 


I want to hear more about your holiday traditions! Leave your stories in the comment section below!


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