25 of the Best Ugly Christmas Tee Shirts- Perfect for a Warm Christmas

Who needs an ugly Christmas sweater when there are so many options for ugly Christmas tee shirts out there? Well maybe most of the country would prefer a sweater, but here in the sunny states, we’re preparing for a warm Christmas. We are ready for fake snow machines, a sandcastle snowman, holiday flavored iced coffees, and of course 25 of the best ugly Christmas tee shirts. We have all the bases covered with this list from the classics to shirts for sports lovers to the best jokes of the year.

Ugly Christmas T Shirts

25 of the Best Ugly Christmas Tee Shirts- Perfect for a Warm Christmas

Ugly Christmas T Shirts

Christmas Flossing

Ugly Christmas T ShirtsUnless you are hiding under a rock, you have seen this new dance move take over. (I wish I was hiding under a rock after seeing my husband attempt to perform this dance) You have got to love Santa and his reindeer demonstrating their “flossing” on this tee. Available on Amazon


Single Ready to Jingle

Ugly Christmas T-ShirtBeing single during the holidays can be pretty tough, but we say it’s best to just embrace where you’re at in life! That’s what makes this one of the best ugly Christmas t-shirts. Well that, and of course the fact that it will keep all those lingering questions from your aunts about your relationship status away. Available on Amazon


Jolly AF

Ugly Christmas T-ShirtSometimes you just need a shirt that says it like it is. This shirt comes in 5 different colours with the classic sweater pattern in the background. Available on Amazon


Holiday Spirit and Wine

Ugly Christmas T-ShirtWe all know that wine is what gets moms through Christmas. In fact, we think it might be the very source of all their holiday spirit. Available on Crazy Dog Shirts

The Classic Ugly Christmas Tee Shirt

Ugly Christmas T-Shirt Just because you are having a warm Christmas doesn’t mean you have to leave behind your usual Christmas look. This shirt looks just like the ugly sweater your great aunt always knits for you, except considerably less itchy. Available on Amazon

Kids Reindeer Shirt

Ugly Christmas T ShirtsYour kiddos will need an ugly Christmas t-shirt too, of course! We can’t lie though, this one is actually kind of cute. Available on Amazon


Aloha Christmas

 Warm Christmases are still festive, even Santa himself agrees. We love this cozy women’s plus size t-shirt from Old Navy. Check Current Price Here!


Holiday Specials and Chill

Ugly Christmas T Shirts ‘Tis the season for all your favourite Christmas classics. We know you will be putting all your usual Netflix programming on hold, but there’s still plenty of chilling going on. Available on Amazon

The Season of Believing

Ugly Christmas T Shirts Tell it like it is. We love a sassy Santa Claus. Available on Amazon

A Holiday Cat Lady

Ugly Christmas T Shirts You might be obsessed with cats year round, but the holidays are an extra special time. Merry Catmas to you! Available on Amazon


Dad Jokes & Dad Shirts

Ugly Christmas T Shirts Santa rocks the dad bod and now you can rock this perfect t-shirt for your warm Christmas. Available on TipsyElves

All the Main Characters

Ugly Christmas T ShirtsAll your favorite Christmas characters on one t-shirt… dabbing. It comes in men, women, and youth sizes so the whole family can sport this one. Available on Amazon


Christmas Vacation Couple

Ugly Christmas T ShirtsThere is always that couple at holiday get-togethers. Bring out your inner Todd and Margo and be thankful your family isn’t quite as crazy as the Griswolds. Available on Etsy


For the Resident Baseball Lover

Ugly Christmas T ShirtsReaching home for Christmas is almost as sweet as reaching home plate in a game. Available on Amazon

Guac’n Around the Christmas TreeGuacn Around the Tree


 No need to walk around the Christmas tree when you can go guac’n instead. After all, it’s always a good time for an avocado. Available on Amazon 

Party Like it’s Jesus’ Birthday

Ugly Christmas T Shirts Any birthday is cause for celebration, but of course, the birth of Jesus is cause for the biggest celebration of all. 

Grinch To Do

Ugly Christmas T Shirts To Do lists aren’t any fun usually, but we think the Grinch pretty much had it down. Check this one out. 

The Elf Lover’s Favorite Tee

Ugly Christmas T Shirts Elf is hands down one of the best Christmas movies, so you can’t go wrong with this tee. Anyone who doesn’t like it is a cotton headed ninny muggins. Available on Amazon

More Elf (who can resist?)

Ugly Christmas t Shirts Another Elf tee for your warm Christmas. Son of a nutcracker!! Available on Target

The Techies Need One too!

Ugly Christmas t Shirts This tee has the typical ugly sweater pattern, but if you look just a little closer you’ll see some robots have been added to the mix. The perfect addition for all tech lovers. Available on Amazon

The True GOAT

Ugly Christmas t Shirts According to my teenage son this t-shirt may, in fact, be the greatest of all time, and also one of the funniest. Available on Amazon

The Deep V

Ugly Christmas T ShirtsThis one kind of grosses us out, but we can’t deny how funny it is. This link will take you to a couple different options, but our personal favorite is the fake deep v-neck t-shirt that gives the illusion of a considerable amount of chest hair. Available on Groupon

Gingerbread and Milk Christmas Tee

Ugly Christmas T Shirts Old Navy has great tees for every holiday, and this gingerbread and milk shirt is one of our absolute favourites ever. Available at Old Navy

Yule Logs

Ugly Christmas T ShirtsWell, I guess you could say our list ended in the toilet. Moms of boys, this is one you have got to check out. You probably don’t usually support poop jokes, but in the name of Christmas humor, I think you will make an exception for this shirt. Available on Amazon

We hope you enjoyed our list of ridiculous Ugly Christmas Tee Shirts! If you have any other great options let us know in the comments.

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