I am NOT Embarrassed by My Age- Gratefulness Challenge

I wear my age like a badge of pride because I am incredibly grateful for each day I have been given. Every day I wake up and breathe that breathe of fresh air and get ready to tackle the day- that’s a gift!

Thoughts on ageism in America

I am 34 years young… I just had a birthday in January. In my 34 years I have met some incredible people, traveled to over 12 countries across 5 continents. In those 34 years I was fortunate enough to meet the love of my life, give birth to 3 amazing children and had the opportunity to adopt 2 more scrumptious little beings as well.


In those 34 years I have successfully started 3 businesses, sold one to a major corporation and just recently started tackling a new career in travel writing. So, why should I be embarrassed?

Well… in America we hate aging. Somewhere along the way Hollywood thought it was a good idea to impose the belief that age and beauty cannot coexist. So, Americans fight to stay young and people will literally lie about how old they are.

Here is yet another reason why I LOVE travel.

Travel opens our eyes to a bigger world filled with new angles we may not have been exposed to yet. This is definitely the case when it comes to age.

For example in Greece “Old Man” is NOT a negative term. Instead it is something honorable. Native Americans are known to look to their elders for wisdom. Ummm… hello as we age we learn lessons. Turns out our knowledge is valuable.

traditional indian family

And, it doesn’t end there… in Korea elders are highly respected. Chinese culture the children take care of the parents as they age. And, in India the elders are the heads of the family. Sounds a little different right?

Now let’s jump back to America. People get botox to hide their wrinkles, plastic surgery to stay looking young (hello Orange County) and then worst of all we hide our beautiful and wise elders in hospitals and nursing homes. It is as if we are all fighting the inevitable. Guess what? We are ALL going to age. Don’t be fooled by Hollywood. It’s not a bad thing.

I think the BAD part is filling your life with superficial beliefs and material goods. Then those signs of aging are empty. You live in the past when life was better and you are always fighting a never ending battle trying to restore those youthful years.

But, if you chase your dreams and fill your life with moments and experiences you love than those lines stand for something… something you won’t want to erase. The lines by my eyes and on my cheeks are from days and nights full of laughter. The ones between my brow show the times I had to work hard and push through to make something great happen. The loose skin on my belly is from carrying three amazing beings into this world. And, there is nothing ugly or wrong about any of that.

So, next time someone asks your age I hope you think twice. Show Hollywood you aren’t buying it anymore and state your age with pride. You’ve earned it!

What are your thoughts on ageism in America?

I love reading your comments!!


  • Part of me is smiling, because 34 sounds so young (I’m 57). I had my first child at 35. And I come from a family of 7, so I bet your kids love their lives. I sure loved growing up with lots of siblings. As to ageism, it’s very strong. Even though I do a lot and have amazing energy, even my GP thinks I’m old, and prescribes tests I don’t need, simply because I’m past 50. Anyway, keep traveling. I’ve been doing so for over 40 years, ever since my mom took us backpacking through Europe in the 70s.

    • Mama Munchkin says:

      Its so crazy right? Tests you don’t even need its absurd. Love to know you liked growing up in a big family sometimes I worry because they obviously don’t get the individualized attention but they all seem to be happy campers. Also, happy to hear you continued traveling after being exposed at a young age. Hope that rings true for my bunch too.

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