How to do snow… with munchkins!


Tropical paradises are fun… but there is something super special about building a snowman, bundling up with some hot cocoa by the fire and sledding down a mountain of snow- right?


Special and magical for sure. But, the kids make snow a whole lot more work. All the layers- geesh. I can’t imagine living anywhere where I had to put & take off on so many layers. HOW DO YOU DO IT???

Even with all the layer issues snow trips can still be a whole heck of a lot of fun. Just a little planning is involved.


First off all those layers are costly. I recommend you call up your friends and beg, plead and borrow as much of it as you can (seriously… I am not just talking about your besties… like the lady you wave to at drop off, but don’t know her name… her too). Next I would try I have had pretty good luck purchasing snow gear there. Also, Zulily, Old Navy and Target all seem to have pretty great prices on everything that you need.

What will you need? A couple pairs of thermals, thermal socks, snow boots, snow pants, thick jacket, scarf, beanie and waterproof gloves.


Once you get the basics covered now you have to add in the fun stuff. Sleds and stuff to decorate a snow man are a given- duh. But, on our last snow trip to Big Bear CA I added in a few small things I found on pinterest that really made our trip unique and special.

Here are a few that our kids LOVED!!! Now go book a trip with YOUR munchkins!!!

“Snow” Ice Cream- click here for instructions

5 min ice cream

Spray Paint- click here


Ice “Marbles”- click here


Potato Head Snowmen- click here


Frozen Bubbles- click here

snow bubble

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