Travelogue- Day 2 London



Our first morning in London happened to land on a bank holiday so when we got up in the morning the streets were empty and most of the shops and cafes were closed. However, we happened to find a Costa coffee finally and excitedly headed in. We have had Costa before on our trip to Dubai and have found memories of quaint little breakfasts there with our oldest son. Just as expected we enjoyed delicious lattes, the kids got cocoa’s with handmade marshmallows and a bunch of pastries. We are on vacation so why not live it up- ha!

Next we headed on the tube towards the London Eye. It was a pretty clear morning and we had heard you MUST go on a clear day… and we found out why. We could see for miles. It was a really neat experience and I was surprised how much the kids enjoyed it. It was definitely the highlight of their day. I was leery before boarding because I had read reviews that mentioned their kids were bored or didn’t care about the sites etc… Mine were completely enthralled. We purchased he added map for a pound and they loved matching up with what they saw with the the details on the map. I loved watching them teach me about London’s history. They know much more than I do. One reason I love their school so much!!




The full ride lasts about 30 minutes which was pretty fantastic! We noticed a small park while we were up there so the kids wanted to head directly there as we hopped off.

queens_park unnamed-19

The London Eye is situated very close to Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and if you take a 15 minute walk you can end up at Trafalgar square which is what we did. We found a lovely spot for lunch called Caffe Concerto and relaxed and recharged there for awhile. Then we headed towards the middle of the square. The kids spotted a traditional red phone booth along the way so we stopped and took the obligatory photo there. Then headed to the infamous lions. Once again our kids taught us about the history behind the lions and some of the monuments surrounding them. Again I was impressed with their knowledge.




We walked from Trafalgar Square to Covent Garden because we had heard it was a neat place. I enjoyed the walk. I love the architecture. I love the people. I love the cobblestone roads. I could go on and on. We arrived at Covent Garden which is a touristy place. Shops, performers and lots of food. It was fun but we were done with the area pretty quickly.

We had heard that the Natural History Museum was free for all and the kids have watched Night at the Museum 3 and Paddington recently so they wanted to check it out. We hopped on our Uber app (again thanks to MXT Connect’s SIM card) and headed over.

Seriously, the Natural History Museum was pretty amazing!! The building alone was remarkable. We headed through the mammal exhibit first which freaked the kids out a bit so we headed into the exploration of the body and then finally through the dinosaurs. I think the kids could have spent days in there. They also pointed out all the places they remembered seeing in the movies which as pretty cute too!

We only headed out because our tummies were rumbling. So, the night ended with delicious pizza and gelato.


A good day indeed!





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