Advanced Screening of Disney’s Tomorrowland

jump We received an invitation for an advanced screening of Disney’s new movie “Tomorrowland” at the AMC theater located at Down Town Disney. How cool is that? The kids were super excited and we had enough tickets to bring a few friends along too which only made the day that much more special.


We loaded up the super cool minivan and headed down to Anaheim for the day. The Disney Vacation Club treated us to complimentary popcorn and sodas and we of course had to grab some candy too. I won’t give away any secrets but I will say my kids had a fantastic time and they walked out of the theater inspired which always makes a mama proud. You have to check it out. It’s in theaters May 22nd!!!



After the movie we stayed around and the boys pulled us into ESPN Zone to watch the Ducks and Clippers games. It is really fun to hang out with them at these ages. My hubby and I keep calling it the Golden Zone. They are old enough to have a decent conversation, they are pretty independent and they still think we are COOL. We know that last part will be fading fast so we try and soak up as many of these moments as we can. Here is a quick little video I made of our day… Enjoy!

By the way… ESPN Zone really impressed me with their Chicken Tortilla Soup- YUM!!!


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