How Much Does a Disney Cruise Cost? We break down all the details!

How much does a disney cruise cost

After sailing on 9 Disney Cruises, I think the most common question we statement we hear is, I’ve always wanted to go on one, and how much does it cost? Disney cruises are definitely one on the premier ships at sea and with that does come with a premium price. So, we are here to break down how much a Disney cruise costs, what’s included, and is it worth it compared to other cruises. 

How much does a disney cruise cost

The 4 Disney Cruise Ships

There are four ships in the Disney Cruise Line. Each ship has its own unique features and base of operations, but they all offer similar services and amenities.

The Disney Wonder

The Disney Wonder sails to Alaska, the Caribbean and the Bahamas. The Wonder is the only ship in the fleet that sails on the West Coast, so you’ll see it docked in San Diego every now and again, which is the only port of call for Disney cruises on the West Coast. The Wonder is popular among superhero fans, as it is home to the Marvel Super Hero Academy and Frozen, A Musical Spectacular.

The Disney Magic

AquaDunk on the Disney Magic is a thrilling new three-story body slide that begins with a surprise launch when the floor beneath guests’ feet opens like a trap door. The drop sends them on an exhilarating, swift and splashy ride in a translucent tube that extends 20 feet over the side of the ship. (Jimmy DeFlippo, photographer)

The Disney Magic has the most unique itineraries sailing to the Bahamas and Caribbean, and it’s the only ship that cruises to Europe & the Greek Island. There you’ll find several enchanting cruises in Northern Europe and around the Mediterranean with exciting port adventures available to guests. Magic is known for Rapunzel’s Royal Table restaurant, Tangled: The Musical and my kid’s favorite water slide the AquaDunk. 

The Disney Dream

The Disney Dream can be seen cruising around the Bahamas and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. The Dream typically sails 3 and 4 night trips. The Dream is known among Star Wars fans as it has a play area that resembles the Millenium Falcon inside the kid’s club (it’s pretty awesome), and guests can enjoy Broadway’s hit musical Beauty and the Beast nightly in the ship’s grand theater.

The Disney Fantasy

The Disney Fantasy has 7 night sailings to Castaway Cay and the Eastern and Western Caribbean. Have you ever seen a water roller coaster? You’ll find the AquaDuck water coaster aboard the Fantasy along with the Royal Court restaurant filled with all of the Disney princesses and princes you can imagine, as well as the Star Wars: Command Post for the little ones. Since each cruise has specific destinations, if you want to book a specific ship then you will be limited by that ship’s range of destinations.

What’s Included With Your Cruise

I think one of the main benefits of a Disney Cruise is so much is included with your cruise. Passengers on Disney Cruises can expect the full Disney experience throughout their trip.

Broadway Musicals & First Run Movies

“Tangled: The Musical” is the newest original Disney Cruise Line stage spectacular. Presented exclusively aboard the Disney Magic, it combines a heartfelt story, an enchanting score and lavish production numbers to showcase the thrilling adventure of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider as they face ruffians, thugs and a budding romance on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery. (Ryan Wendler, photographer)

All ships have theaters with live Broadway musicals (and these are seriously amazing musicals) along with unlimited access to movie theaters that offer Disney’s & Marvel’s newest movies. You’ll often find yourself onboard seeing the latest Marvel thriller (we saw Black Panther onboard right when it was released) or a brand new Pixar film.


Meals are included with your cruise fare. Each ship has rotational dining where you will visit one of three restaurants each night. Your waiter travels with you as you dine at each new location, and the waiters on the ship are truly a blast. Many have done magic tricks for our kids and all are the most caring people you will meet.

In addition, there is a buffet, and plenty of places to get food around the clock. There are several quick-service spots where my husband loves to grab a pizza, as well as 24-hour room service, where you can even get Mickey Ice Cream bars delivered to the room.

Disney Cruise Cost - Pirate Night Buffet

Yes, you can even enjoy the famous Disney Turkey Leg onboard

Unlike most cruises on Disney cruises, Guests can also enjoy endless soda for no additional fee. Tea and coffee are also included while aboard in addition to all-you-can-eat soft serve ice cream with all the toppings. The only food which is extra charge is at the fine dining of Palo & Remy and Vanelope’s sweet shop.

Kid’s Club

If you asked my kids what the one thing that they love about a Disney cruise, it would be the kids club. My kids are not the type of kids who like to stray off and go to a kids club but Disney’s is out of this world. There is no comparison to any other cruise line out there. The themed rooms are amazing and the staff is incredible. 

Character Experiences

There is no other ship at sea that offers the character experiences Disney Cruise offers. You may find yourself casually strolling by Captain Hook or Peter Pan. Characters have several photo opportunities scheduled throughout the day, where you can get your picture taken with your favorite character. 

Disney Cruise Character Experiences

Plus, in the kids club characters will come and visit and play with the kids. So, if your family loves Disney characters, there are plenty on board to interact with. 

Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay Cabana Family Cabana View

If you are sailing on a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas or the Caribbean, included in your fare, is a visit to Disney’s Private Island, Castaway Cay. This island is amazing with beautiful beaches, water slides, snorkeling and so much more. The best part is all the food, just like on the cruise is included. It will definitely be one of your favorite stops on the cruise.

How Much Does a Disney Cruise Cost? 

So, what we did is broke down how much a cruise costs on average for a family of 4 with several different itineraries. These prices are total including all taxes for a family of 4. All of these cruises are prices based on inside, oceanview and verandah cabins. We did not include the concierge level, because that’s on a whole different level. While the inside to verandah cabins are all fairly close in price. After we go over some costs, we will breakdown how to find the best deal.

How much does a Disney Cruise Cost

3 Night Caribbean Cruise 

A 3-Night Disney Cruise can surprisingly range widely in prices. You can look at paying from $2,600 – $6,300 on a 3 night Caribbean cruise. So, you are looking at $216-$525 per person per day.

4 Night Caribbean Cruise 

A 4 Night Caribbean Cruise can range from $3,400 – $6,700. You will find that a 4-night cruise is often a better value because it sails during the weekdays, so if you have that ability to miss some weekdays, take a 4-night cruise. A 4 night averages out to $212-$418 per person per day

7-Night Caribbean & European Cruise

For a family of four, a 7 Night Cruise will range from $5,300 – $10,000. The 7 Night cruises in the Caribbean can be onboard the Magic, Fantasy & the Wonder.  Personally, for me, I would choose the Magic or the Fantasy when in the Caribbean as they have better waterslides. In Europe, the only option is the Disney Magic, which is the first ship we ever sailed on and one of my favorites. A 7 night averages out to $189-$397 per person per day

7 Night Alaska Cruise

Disney Alaska Cruise

An Alaska cruise the prices vary much more dramatically by room class as a Verandah is so sought after. If you are planning to sail to Alaska the prices can range from $6,500 – $17,000 for a 7-night cruise. That comes to $232 to $602 per person. The inside cabins are much cheaper when it comes to Alaska as they are from about $6500-8,000 but the Verandah cabins really are the ones that vary the most from $8900 all the way up to $17,000 for the same cruise.

Extra Costs to account for:

Cocktails onboard DIsney Dream

Gratuities –

Gratuities run about $40 on a 3 Night Cruise per person,  $54.00 per person for a 4-night cruise, and $94 for a 7-night cruise. 15% Gratuity is also added to any alcoholic purchases.

Shore Excursions & On Cruise Experiences

You definitely do not need to do a shore excursion at every port, but they are quite fun. I would estimate $100 per shore excursion you would like to do. 

Spa Servies & Bibbidy Boppidi Boutique

If you are in the mood for a little R&R then head to the senses spa for a wide variety of services. In addition, you can also make your little one a princess with a visit to the Bippidi Boppidi Boutique. While these services are extra, they are so worth it.

Alcohol and Premium Dining

Palo onboard Disney Dream

Alcohol is not included in your fare, so if you are planning on taking in some cocktails, budget appropriately for these expenses. On the Disney Cruises Ships, you can pay a little extra to dine at Palo or Remy, which offer top-notch cuisine. Palo is available on all 4 Disney Cruise ships, while Remy is only available on the Dream and Fantasy.

How do Disney Cruise Prices compare to other cruise lines

We all see the ads for a 3-night cruise for $299, while that can be great, comparing the $299 cruise to the Disney cruise cost is apples and oranges. If you want to make a fair comparison, take a look at the biggest competitors, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian & Carnival and look at their newer fleet of ships (less than 7 years old). There you can see the best that each has to offer. I compared the Disney Fantasy in July to Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas. The prices ended up being between $150-$200 more per person for the Disney Cruise.

How to Save Money on a Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise Cost

Book with a Travel Agent! My #1 Tip!

I’ll be honest, I feel foolish for saying this because this was so against our initial instincts. In fact, we booked our first 8 cruises without a travel agent because we always thought we could get the best deal. A travel agent can get you the same pricing you will find anywhere else, plus they offer onboard credit to spend on the ship and will help you plan the whole thing. 

We use Tink’s Magical Vacations for all our Disney trips because they know Disney Cruises, Disney World and Disneyland better than I will ever know. I highly recommend their services. Not only do they help with the planning, you get the best deal available + onboard credit!

Special Offers

Disney Cruise Line has a page exclusively for Special Offers. At the time of this article, there is a 7-day cruise for only $116 per person per day. They have special offers for different sailings, military rates, Florida resident rates, and Candian Resident savings. 

*Pro Tip* When you see that special offer, still contact your travel agent because they can get you that offer plus the onboard credit.

Disney Cruise Cost

Book in the Offseason

If you want to save some serious cash, book your cruise in the off-season, basically any time kids are normally in school. You will find some of the best prices in September, October, Early November, January, & February. So, if you can sail during those seasons, do it, because you will save your self a ton of money.

Book Early

If you know the itinerary you want and it is during a peak season like the summer or holiday, book the room as early as you can. Disney Cruise prices rarely go down, especially on peak sailing so the earlier you book the better the price. 

Book while on a Cruise 

Lastly, if you are sailing on a Disney Cruise and love it, book another one while onboard. You save 10% off the rate, plus give them your travel agents info and you’ll still get the bonus 10% plus your travel agent will get you that onboard credit too.

How much does a disney cruise cost? Disney cruises are definitely one on the premier ships at sea and with that does come with a premium price. So, we are here to break down how much a Disney cruise costs, what’s included, and is it worth it compared to other cruises. #disney #disneycruise #cruise #cruisetips #traveltips #travel

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How expensive is the Disney Cruise?

Here is how much a cruise would be for a family of 4
– 3 night Caribbean cruise. You can look at paying from $2,600 – $6,300 on
– 4 Night Caribbean Cruise can range from $3,400 – $6,700.
– 7 Night Cruise will range from $5,300 – $10,000.
– 7 Night Alaska Cruise prices can range from $6,500 – $17,000

When is the cheapest time to sail on a Disney Cruise?

Typically January, February, Early March, September & October are the cheapest times to sail on a Disney Cruise.

Is the food free on Disney Cruise?

The food is included in your Disney Cruise cost with the exception of the two specialty restaurants – Palo & Remy as well as treats from Vanellope’s Sweet Shop. Alcohol and specialty drinks are not included in the cruise cost and are an extra charge

Is Disney Cruise worth the extra money?

It depends. If you love Disney, then yes. If you have kids ages 3-10, I would say it is worth it. Once you get into ages over 10, it really depends on how much you enjoy Disney.


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