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Disney Magic Moments Free churros

One of the things people often don’t get about Disney, (sometimes I even forget), is that there is so much more to Disneyland and Disney World then the rides, parades, and the characters. My 17 year old just said to me the other day, that he doesn’t know why but he just loves Disney World. Yes, the rides at Universal are probably more his style, but there is just something magical about Disney. When Disney launched Disney Magic Moments, it really clicked for me what it is that makes our family going back to Disney every year.

It is that all the little things that make visiting the parks and resorts so special. The cast members who love their job and go above and beyond to make your trip special.  The cast members playing with kids before the parade,  the Dapper Dans performing on Main street, the smell of warm churros as you pass by the cart. There are so many little things that make up this magical feeling when you visit Disney and now you can bring home some of that Disney Magic.

Bring Home the Magic with Magic Moments

When you go on a trip to Disney you come home with special moments that just make you smile. Now, with the new Disney Magic Moments site, you can experience a little piece of the magic right from home and bring all those magical feels right from home. It’s a great way to spend time with your kids and just take some time to enjoy the day. Here are some of our favorite pieces of Disney Magic Moments and how we tried to make them extra special for our kids. 

Learn to Draw Olaf, Sven and other Classic Disney Characters

When you visit the Disney Magic Moments site you can learn to draw characters from professional Disney Animators. Right now, you can learn to draw Olaf. While you learn to draw from  Frozen Supervising Animator Hyrum Osmond, he goes over some fun facts about Olaf and his creation on the Frozen series. This reminds me of the fun experience we had at Disney Aulani where we learned to draw Stitch, and the instructors made it so easy to learn. 

How to Make Disney Drawing at home extra fun!

Frozen Dessert Party


We debated between costumes and pajamas and ultimately settled on our favorite Frozen pajamas to get all snuggly. 

Healthy(ish) Frozen Dessert Bar:

Frozen Dessert Bar - Disney Magic Moments

I have been trying Then I made a few frozen treats, which was some popcorn with some blue sprinkles. We also made some delicious smoothies and I added this amazing blue spirulina natural food coloring I use to make it turn blue!

Once we were all settled in with our treats, we sat down watched the video and began our drawings. This honestly has been one of our favorite nights we have had at home recently and really made the evening feel special.

Listen to the Dapper Dans & See the JAMMitors perform from their home

While the parks are on hiatus The Dapper Dans and JAMMitors are performing from home. You can check out The Dapper Dans performing iconic songs like “When you wish upon a star” from the comfort of your home while they perform from their homes.

I’ll admit it, the JAMMitors is probably for me more than the kids. I loved seeing the Jammitors (I did not know that was their name til now) play on trash cans and other random items in the parks. Now, you can check them out from the comforts of their home creating more music on random items around the house. Check it out here!

Create Your own Dapper Dans Karaoke or JAMMinator show. 

Dapper Dans Karaoke

Find some ridiculous hats, the funnier the better I always say! We tried to recreate the Wish upon a song star but then came up with our own creations. The team with the best

Disney Magic Moments

I really wish I kept those barbershop quartet hats.

JAMMinator Show

This one is quite easy but also quite loud. I recommend doing this exercise outside in the backyard perhaps. Simply grab some trash cans from the house, a couple cleaning items (duster, broom etc….) and have your kids perform their own show. We are not so musically inclined in this household so earplugs might be needed 😉

Enjoy some Disney Story Time with a Celebrity Kick

Disney Magic Moments Story Time

Want to have Mulan read to your kids by Ming-Na Wen, the voice of Mulan or a classic story read by John Stamos? Now you can with Disney Magic Moments. Last night, Olivia and I sat down on my bed to listen to Mulan and it was so cute to watch her wide eyed all cozy in her pajamas as the story is read to her. It was such a sweet way to tuck her into bed.

Enjoy Virtual Rides & Parades!

Disney Magic Moments Site

If you are craving some Disney Rides, well now you can get a little in-home slice of the magic. Currently, on the Disney Magic Moments site you can enjoy a virtual ride through of “It’s a Small World” or check out the new parade at Disneyland “Magic Happens”  

How to recreate the parade experience!

Disney Magic Moments Free churros

We ordered some Mickey Ice Cream bars from our local grocery store, made some churros and popcorn, laid out a blanket to get prepared. Then we streamed the parade from our phone to our TV. We also added a little bit of magic by blowing bubbles on the girls as floats came by. 

Watch the New Digital Series “At Home With Olaf”

Disney Magic Moments Olaf                                      My two girls excited to see Olaf at Disney World

Olaf is the highlight of the Frozen movies for our family, (especially his amazing recap of the first Frozen). Now, Disney has quickly put together a series with our favorite character titled “At Home with Olaf.” Check it out here! 

Nat Geo @Home

If you are looking for some interactive things to do at home with the kids. I highly recommend checking out the Nat Geo @Home series. Nat Geo has a ton of interactive activities for parents to do with their kids.

Color Explosion!

We are going to try out the color explosion today. All you need is some dish soap, milk and a bit of food coloring. What I love about Nat Geo @Home projects, is they are only about 30 minutes and only use a few items that you likely have around the house. This makes it a nice fun project without overwhelming mom, dad or the kids. 

Even More to do!

There are a ton of other fun things you can do on the site including changing your Zoom video conference background to a Pixar image, learn about Pixar Animation and more.  New content will be added all the time and I can’t wait to see what is next!

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