Disneyland Princess Breakfast- The Most Incredible Character Breakfast

Disneyland Princess Breakfast

I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for a character breakfast. With 5 kids and a few of them now teens, it brings back all sorts of nostalgia going to these breakfasts. I love the way the kids get to interact with the characters. For certain, some character breakfasts are much better than others. That being said, we recently visited the Disneyland Princess Breakfast Adventures at Napa Rose.

We have been going to Disneyland and Disneyworld character dining experiences for 20+ years. That being said, this is certainly the most incredible character breakfasts we have been to. Continue reading to find out more about what makes this the most incredible breakfast, from the food to the character meet-and-greets! 

Disneyland Princess Breakfast Adventures 

Going into breakfast, I already knew that this new character experience was going to be great for me. I absolutely love Napa Rose. The Napa Rose has some of the best food at the Disneyland Resort. Napa Rose is located inside the Grand Californian. This means it outside the theme parks, so you do not need park admission to get into breakfast. 

Valet Parking is included for 3 hours with the Disneyland Princess Princess Breakfast Adventures. Just pull up to the Grand Californian and let them know where you will be dining. Make sure to get your parking validated when you check in to the restaurant.

An Arrival Fit for Royalty

Disneyland Character Dining

Upon arrival, you can immediately tell this is going to be an amazing experience. The hostess takes you to a table to wait for your dining table. They give the kids princess tic tac toe to play and the adults some champagne to enjoy the experience.

In addition, each child receives an autograph book to use during breakfast and later in the parks. This is the only character breakfast that includes an autograph book. 

In the background, a violinist plays some Disney music. The overall setting is beyond serene. 

The Dining Experience at Disneyland’s Princess Breakfast

Let me tell you, the Princess Breakfast Adventures serves up a feast fit for royalty! You sit down at elegantly appointed tables with napkins folded in a rose. Princesses are walking all around and the place feels like a storybook.

Disneyland Princess Breakfast

3 Course Meal

Usually, I am not having a 3-course meal for breakfast. I usually grab something small for breakfast at Disneyland. So plan accordingly as you will be quite full after this meal. We chose to do a little later dining so this Disneyland Princess Breakfast adventure could be a breakfast/lunch.

As you prepare to dine on quite the feast, the waiter offers a wide variety of beverages. This includes juices, hot chocolates, coffee, mimosas and more.

Princess Appetizers

Princess Breakfast Adventures

Your meal will begin with a serving of appetizers. Ours included a delicious mini sandwich from Rapunzel’s Tower, a Creme Brule Banana with Nutella and some amazing yogurt parfaits.  Along with the tray of appetizers is a basket of bread and scones served with a vanilla bean cream sauce. My word of advice, don’t pass up the citrus and vanilla bun because it is delightful.

Here is everything included in the appetizers:

  • Open-faced Tangled Ham and Cheese Sandwich with cranberry cream cheese and berries
  • Mini beignets
  • Banana crepe with Nutella and berry compote
  • Citrus & Vanilla Bun
  • Magic Carpet Parfait of chia pudding with mango, kiwi, and coconut.
  • Creme Brulee with Nutella

Main Course Buffet 

Then comes the second course of your Disneyland Princess Breakfast adventures. It comes with plenty of different options that you and your kiddos will love. This course is a buffet style with your classics like eggs and Mickey waffles.

But the Princess Breakfast takes it a step further! The menu also includes Chicken and Mickey waffles, short ribs, fresh fruit, applewood smoked bacon and much more.  Here is the full rundown of everything included.

Disneyland Character Breakfast

  • Scrambled eggs
  • Mickey chicken and waffles
  • Thick cut bacon
  • Sausage
  • Fruit: apples, fruit salad, oranges, fruit skewers, blueberries, blackberries, & strawberries
  • firecracker shrimp with dipping sauce
  • Mini mac & cheese
  • Braised short ribs
  • Roasted tomatoes and asparagus
  • Yogurt

3rd Course Dessert – 

Lastly, dessert comes (if you have room for it). Ours was filled with the cutest cake pops you’ve ever seen (all princess themed.) My personal favorite treat of the Disneyland Princess Breakfast was the mermaid macarons which decorated in the shape of a clamshell. 

  • Royal Princess Cake Pops
  • Belle’s Raspberry Bouquets
  • Ariel Sea Shell macarons
  • Mulan’s Firecracker Sorbet (strawberry honey sorbet made with fresh strawberries & topped with cotton candy and Pop Rocks!)
  • Pocahontas Peanut Butter Crunch

Princess Experience – 

You will obviously be meeting the princesses during this experience, but this truly is not like your standard character breakfast. While we dined we had three princesses come around to the different tables. 

Princess Breakfast Adventures

What I loved was the restaurant was not large so each princess spent an ample amount of time with my kids. Tiana joked with my daughters and princess Jasmine spent a ton of time at our table. The look on my daughter’s faces as they met the princesses will be etched in my memory forever. 
Princess breakfast adventures

Surprise Gifts & More Princesses

After we finished Disneyland Princess breakfast, our girls were given a bag with some special surprises inside. A drawstring bag with Princess Breakfast Adventures on it and the highlight was a princess necklace. 

Disneyland dining

After the surprise gifts, We then continued on to a separate area where the girls sat down with Pocahontas.
There it was time for storytime. Pocahontas told a story about her people asked the kids questions and took pictures. I feel like this little storytime is part of what really makes this breakfast so special. It is intimate and a whole little experience in itself.
Once we said goodbye to Pocahontas it was time to see one more princess, Rapunzel. She signed autographs, laughed with the girls and then took a picture from a Photopass photographer. The photo pass picture is included with your breakfast and can be downloaded from the Disneyland App.
Keep in mind, the characters do change. I have heard that different characters often rotate at this last area and throughout the overall dining experience. You may see Rapunzel, as we did, Aurora, Jasmine, or one of the other favorites. No matter who is there, though, it is guaranteed to be magical! 

How Much Does the Disneyland Princess Breakfast Cost & Is it Worth it?

meeting Aurora

This premier dining experience is $125 per person for children and adults and while it is the most expensive dining experience. It truly is such a memorable time that you and your child will never forget. I would say if you can afford to go, then you should definitely experience this breakfast. 

The Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure is truly an experience. We love it so much because you get much more out of it than your typical character dining. It is by far the most incredible character breakfast I have ever been to. There is storytelling, gifts, an incredible meal and plenty of time for photos. We highly recommend this experience, and we already cannot wait to go back ourselves. 

If you have any questions about the Princess Breakfast or Disneyland feel free to leave a comment! You can also send me a Direct Message on Instagram.

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How do I book a reservation at Princess Breakfast Adventures?

To book a reservation Call 714-781-DINE

How much is Princess Breakfast Adventures?

Princess Breakfast Adventures Costs $125 for ages 3 & up. Under 3 is Free

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