5 Things I like about ME- 52 weeks of gratitude challenge

Why is it SO hard to publicly admit things that you like about yourself? We all want to be strong, happy, confident people but then when someone talks about how great they are we think they sound like a narcissist right? Kind of a double standard.

Well this week I have no choice. I am going to have to sound like a narcissist 😉 bc the challenge is to tell you 5 things I like about me. Here we go!

5 Things I like about ME


I like that I love deeply

I am one of those people who is incredibly passionate. I am passionate about everything I love including my husband, kids, family, life, people our world. I love so deeply that it moves me to tears just thinking about it. I believe that this allows me to better connect to people. Better connect to strangers when I travel. And, I know it helps me to be a more grateful person.


I like that I have so much faith

Faith is such an amazing thing. It gives you strength to do things you never imagined possible. It helps you find the good when things have gone terribly wrong. It also helps you see the world in a new light. I know that my faith is one reason that Shea has healed. My faith helped give me the strength I needed to heal is broken heart. My faith also helps me travel. I am terribly fearful of dying. I freak out before I step on the tarmac every time. But, I say a prayer, surrender my fear and move forward. I would not be able to do so many things if I was not such a faithful person and for that I am grateful.


I like that I have strong will power

It is amazing what we can accomplish when we are in control of our thoughts. I don’t always have the focus I need but I feel like I have a pretty good handle on my brain and the power it has. I believe this will power has allowed me to build successful businesses, be a healthy person, be a good mom and wife. By having control over my mind I also feel good. I am proud and that is something special. It also allows me to make goals and complete them. I have the feeling that I can do anything I want to do or accomplish anything I can dream up because I know I have the willpower to see it through. For this I am grateful.


I like that I can cook

This may sound funny but I was a TERRIBLE cook until about 5 years ago. Cooking and baking now is a way I show love. To be able to create something that nourishes my family and friends is such a great feeling. To be able to make special dished to celebrate special events is wonderful. Food brings people together. It evokes feelings and creates traditions. I am grateful that I am able to feed my family healthy and delicious food.


And, lastly I like that I am willing to try new things

I don’t always like to try new things but I am usually willing. This has allowed me to face so many fears like flying to Ethiopia, zip-lining, kayaking and meeting amazing people. It has allowed me to start new businesses and find new hobbies… for this I am grateful.

Alrighty now its your turn… tell me in the comments below 5 things you like about YOU!

You don’t have to explain just list them and I bet it will give you an instant boost of happiness

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