Week 2- My Spouse (52 weeks of gratitude)

This week is easy peasy… my husband is one of the most amazing people I know and I am incredibly grateful that he is all mine. He inspires me, challenges me and he supports me like no one else can. And, he is an AMAZING father to our kids!!! When he is with our daughters my heart just melts. And, our boys are so lucky. He is the dad that is home when they come home from school. He is there to help with homework (thank goodness bc math is not my strong point), play football, soccer and take them to practice. He is SO involved and our kids are great because of it.


It’s a funny thing marriage. That you can find one person out of all the millions of people in the world who is your perfect match… how is that possible?? But, it is. Mike completes me. I have learned how to laugh at myself, how to find joy in the smallest of moments and he is where my passion for travel came from. Mike is always thinking of his next great joke, he loves making people laugh. He loves our family deeply and would do anything to put a smile on our face. I believe its a trait he inherited from his mother. I am the person that gets caught up in whatever I am doing at the moment (obsessive may be a more accurate term). I lose sight of my priorities and I become consumed in whatever task is at hand. Thankfully, my husband knows how to tone me down and help me focus on what really matters… our family!


I’m not just grateful… I literally cannot imagine getting through our crazy busy life with out him by my side. We’ve only been married for 12 years… but we have built multiple businesses together, had 3 amazing biological babies and then went on to adopt two more amazing children in that time. Our life is not one without struggles… but every storm we endure- we endure together. I love him more every day and I’m so excited to see what our future holds. I know we are destined for great things!!!

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