Lessons in Raising Powerful Girls- International Day of the Girl

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There is nothing more beautiful than a strong confident woman who fiercely chases her dreams with laser focus and determination. It’s my hope that I am raising my girls to become those women someday. It is why I am cautious of female stereotypes, succumbing to my own insecurities in front of my daughters, and also why I am super supportive of my girls exploring new ideas, sports, and hobbies. It is also why I am proud to partner with Athleta on International Day of the Girl to share with you some of the ways we can encourage the girls in our lives to cultivate & harness their power to propel them towards accomplishing their craziest dreams.

Lessons in Raising Powerful Girls- International Day of the Girl

Tips for teaching daughters that strength is beautiful.

Raising Powerful Daughters

We live in a unique time where women have more opportunities in sports and at work but yet society hasn’t caught up in terms of expectations. I would say women are under more pressure now than ever because on one hand we are expected to do everything (raise kids and work full time) and on the other, we are supposed to just sit still, be quiet, and look pretty. No thank you!

Tips for teaching daughters that strength is beautiful.

Like a lot of women, I want to see this narrative change and the way I see this happening is by teaching our girls the strength is beautiful, that intelligence should be celebrated, and that their voices are valued.

What is International Day of the Girl

In 2011 the United Nations named October 11th the International Day of the Girl. They stated the day was to encourage, “Empowerment of and investment in girls are key in breaking the cycle of discrimination and violence and in promoting and protecting the full and effective enjoyment of their human rights.”

I mean who can’t get behind that- such an awesome statement- I love it!! Well, it turns out so does one of our favorite brands which is why they partnered with the amazing non-profit Girl Leadership to help raise money to support their important work which is inspiring girls all over the world to use their voices.

Tips for teaching daughters that strength is beautiful.

Today Athleta launches a NEW exclusive, limited edition All Kinds of Powerful Mantra Tee and we are OBSESSED!!! Not only does it share Girl Leadership’s powerful message to young girls but Athleta will also donate a portion of the proceeds (up to $10,000) from sales of these gorgeous tees to Girl Leadership. So, your daughter gets a shirt that helps remind her of her strength while you support Girl Leadership who inspires even more young girls thanks to this collaboration with Athleta. It’s a total Win/Win situations. I love it!!

Support Girl Leadership by ordering your Mantra Tee HERE

Tips for teaching daughters that strength is beautiful.

In honor of International Day of the Girl I had a conversation with my oldest daughter, age 11, Ella about cultivating her power and I thought I would share it with you.

  • When you feel super brave, what does your body do?   

When I feel really really brave my chest sort of puffs up and I feel really strong.

Tips for teaching daughters that strength is beautiful.

  • What pose would you make if you felt the bravest of all?   

My mom and I searched different bravery poses and this one from Beyoncé is my fav.

Tips for teaching daughters that strength is beautiful.

  • What does being powerful mean to you?

It means being me in a real way and not being afraid to show my uniqueness.

Tips for teaching daughters that strength is beautiful.

After our conversation, Ella came across the Athleta Girl mantra and asked to create the following video. She felt that Athleta Girl’s message was fitting for International Day of the Girl. I am so impressed with what she came up with. She had help with shooting and editing but she directed both. Check it out!

Tips & Tricks to Help Girls Understand & Cultivate their Power

*Inspired by tips from Girl Leadership

  1. Help Your Daughter realize that her words and action influence others. Teach her that influence is power.
  2. Point out ways that your daughter has already shown her strength. Find times where she behaved or communicated in a way that made people listen to her.
  3. Give your daughter examples of different types of leaders and help her find her power style. Help her understand leaders can be extroverts, introverts, work in a professional setting, or chase after their sport. There really is no one set type of leader and the world needs leaders in every facet of life.
  4. Explain how power doesn’t always make everyone around them happy. Sometimes being brave means facing criticism.
  5. Power doesn’t always look like toughness and strength. Power also looks like standing up for what is right, deep listening, knowing your worth, and sharing your feelings.

Tips for teaching daughters that strength is beautiful.

How do you teach your girls to own their own power?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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