Take the #38Minutes Challenge

Tired of cell phones, TV screens, and video games dominating the focus of every member of your family? Do you want to soak up your children’s fleeting childhood before its too late? Then this challenge is for you!

Take the #38Minutes Challenge

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Add more fun to your family time with the #38Minutes Challenge. Your ultimate resource for family fun challenges, family games, food challenges and more. Start spending more quality time today. #familybonding #familyfunchallenges

Benefits of taking the #38Minutes Challenge

  • Immediately witness your family creating happy memories together.
  • Enhance family bonding by putting down distractions and focusing on each other.
  • Teamwork .helps to strengthen sibling relationships.
  • Laugh more together than you have in a LOOONG time!
  • Show the kids you know how to have fun!


How to start the #38Minutes Challenge

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  • Print out your #38Minutes Tracker and set a start date. (we suggest selecting the same day each week to set aside for your #38Minutes.)
  • Make your commitment public by announcing it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Use the hashtag #38Minutes so we can keep track of each other.
  • Share this page and Tag Your Friends to challenge them to make the commitment too!

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Read about how the #38Minutes Challenge started here + Learn More here.

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