International Packing Tips

So… we leave for Europe in just a few short days. Four kids… Four countries… planes, trains, buses and a cruise boat. It’s A LOT to prepare for. Luckily, for you I have a fantastic list that helps me pack that I am sharing with you along with a few other tips I think you might enjoy.

Packing List-


What to pack on your next family vacation

What to pack on your next family vacation

The Deets:

When it comes to packing I usually start thinking pretty far in advance. I find Pinterest to be extremely helpful as many travelers post inspiration for great travel wear etc… You can make a board and start pinning months in advance. This makes it super easy to come back to when you need to shop for clothes and when you are ready to pack.

Here are a few boards I was using for inspiration on what to wear in Europe. I am terrible at putting outfits together myself.


mens outfit

Can you see how this is extremely helpful!

Once you’ve done your shopping you move on to the next step. Laying it ALL out and taking the time to tediously try everything on. You want to mix and match as you go. This allows you to use fewer pieces!! We typically tackle this task the weekend prior to the trip. Which gives us that last week to shop for anything we are missing or order it on Amazon (gosh I love prime… how would I function without it? Scary thought!).  Then two days before the trip we look at our stacks again. Sometimes (most times) we come to the realization that a few pieces most likely won’t get worn so they get pulled to limit stuff even more and then we start packing.

Packing Tips:

  • Roll don’t Fold: this saves a ton of space
  • Syran Wrap and Ziploc are your Besties: unscrew tops of shampoo and conditioner bottles place a piece of syran wrap over the top and then screw the cap back on. No more mess!
  • Use Empty Space: insides of shoes are a great spot for socks and under garments. Roll up belts and place in shirt collars- keeps the collar nice and saves space.
  • Pill Boxes: if you want to prevent tangled necklaces and bracelets separate them in a pill box.
  • Sunglass Cases: old sunglass cases are great for keeping cords and ear buds organized.



We are pretty healthy eaters. Mainly organic whole foods, low sugar you know the drill. And, so our bodies feel awful if we start filling our tummies with junk. So… I also prepare snacks for the plane and to have on the trip.

Here is my go to Snack Packing List:

airplane snacks
1. trail mix, 2. celery with almond butter, cuties, crystallized ginger, veggies with hummus dip, chocolate covered pretzels and oatmeal (add hot water from flight attendant). *I also usually bring a lemon or a lemon wedge to place in cold or hot water. Its really refreshing!!



Travel days are exhausting which is weird bc you literally just sit on your bum for a large portion of the day but the inactivity, crowds, rushing around etc… poop you out. This can leave everyone in sour moods. To try and help keep us on the up and up there are a few things I always bring to help us relax.



Must haves to help you relax while traveling

1. Evian Spray to refresh, 2. Burts Bees to prevent chapped lips, 3. Lovie from home- especially for the kids, 4. Travel Blanket and Pillow, 5. Comfy socks & 6. Lavender Essential Oil.

Okay well… that is it for now. I have to get back to packing 😉

Here's a fantastic guide for internation packing tips! #traveltips #packing #packingtips #vacation


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