The Best Rides at Magic Kingdom [Top 11 Most Magical Choices]

Magic Kingdom offers that classic Disney experience; the walk down Mainstreet and photos in front of the famous castle. It also includes some of the most well known and popular rides in Disney World. There are so many different attractions that it can be very hard to choose what the best rides at Magic Kingdom actually are. If you love to plan ahead like us, it is definitely a bit daunting! You probably won’t experience everything in the Magic Kingdom in just one day, like you can with the other Disney World parks, but with a few of our top picks and a variety of other rides that fit your groups likes it will still be an absolutely magical day.

The Best Rides at Magic Kingdom [Top 11 Most Magical Choices]

Best Rides at Magic Kingdom

Before we begin, make sure to take some time when enjoying these rides. Rather than racing from ride to ride, take time to visit with some characters, or enjoy a delicious magic kingdom snack (check out our faves here)

Best Rides at Magic Kingdom – For Thrill Seekers

Splash Mountain

Ride photo from Splash Mountain Magic Kingdom | Global MunchkinsSplash Mountain is one of the most iconic log rides ever, and even if you frequently visit Magic Kingdom it never gets old. You’ll wind through the story of Br’er Rabbit past happy meadows, swamps, and rocky caves. There will be tons of animatronic critters to see along the way singing tunes and providing you a taste of southern hospitality. Your ride will come to an end as your log falls five stories into the briar patch, and yes you will get very wet! With Orlando weather though, you should dry off in no time. Although this ride does have a height minimum, there is cute little play area right by the exit for smaller members of the group to get some energy out while they wait for everyone else.

Height Requirement; Must be 40 in or taller to ride

Book a FastPass or ride Splash Mountain first thing in the morning

Big Thunder Mountain

Best Rides at Magic Kingdom

Right next to Splash Mountain is Big Thunder Mountain. This rollercoaster or out of control train ride is an absolute blast. The rain goes through twists and turns as you race through a mine shaft. You can fit up to three in a row so if you have a little one that meets the height requirement can ride in between mom and dad. My 4 year old absolutely loves this ride and we ride it multiple times during our vacation.

Height Requirement; Must be 40 in or taller to ride

Book a FastPass for the Morning then head over to  Splash Mountain or vice versa

Space Mountain –

The last of the three mountains is Space Mountain. This indoor roller coaster is unlike any other. As you head off into outer space you find yourself whizzing through the solar system.It’s one of the most thrilling rides in all of Disney World. This roller coaster zooms through the darkest corners of outer space while playing the perfect music to get you pumped you for the drops and quick turns. It’s an unforgettable experience and undoubtedly a top ride. This is a fast-paced ride and is dark so just keep that in mind for little ones who reach the height limit.

Height Requirement; Must be 44 in or taller to ride

Fastpass – Try to get a Fastpass for this one or head to the ride early in the morning

Best Rides at Magic Kingdom – For Junior Thrill Seekers

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train-

Magic Kingdom Fast Pass - Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride

This may be a new addition to this park full of classics, but there’s no doubt it’s one of the best rides in Magic Kingdom. It is absolutely one of my favorite rides in the entire park You’ll hop into what looks like a creaky old mine train and make your way into the enchanted forest and then dip deep down into the mine shaft of the seven dwarfs. The whole time you mine cart will feel like it’s wobbling back and forth, which is an exciting touch. You’ll see the dwarfs collecting an array of diamonds and gems, all while singing their classic tune of “Heigh-Ho”. Then you will race back up and out of the mine shaft, where you can catch a sweet view of Fantasyland.

Height Requirement; Must be 38 in or taller to ride

Fastpass Reservation is essential (but they do have fun interactive entertainment while in line)

*Pro Tip* If you purchased Disney World’s Memory Maker there is a pretty cool video of you on the ride. Check it out

Goofy’s Barnstormer

Goofy’s Barnstormer is a junior roller coaster but if you have a little one, they will absolutely love it. Located in Toon Town, you take off on one of a fun and twisty roller coaster. The best time to head to this ride is about an hour after the park opens as toon town often opens one hour after the park opens so it is pretty empty.

Height Requirement; Must be 34 in or taller to ride

Fastpass Reservation is NOT Essential

Best Rides at Magic Kingdom – For Families

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean is one you definitely should not miss. You’ll get to see all the original animatronic pirates, along with some newer additions like Jack Sparrow and finally a woman pirate! Of course, you might find yourself singing the catchy pirate tune the rest of the day but it’s well worth it. Riding this is a right of passage as a kid, and since the movies have become such a hit it’s really fun to see where all the inspiration came from for all ages. Keep in mind it is dark and the sound of gunshots can be loud for little ears.

Height Requirement; None

Fastpass reservation is not necessary, but you can likely grab one day of

Haunted Mansion

Even if you aren’t a big fan of haunts and spooks, you can probably make it through the Haunted Mansion. In fact, you might even enjoy it despite the spookiness! The ghosts that reside here are actually pretty happy and sing the whole time you cruise through on your “doom” buggy. The whole line is an interactive experience, making the wait fly by.

Height Requirement; None

Fastpass reservation not necessary

The Jungle Cruise

Best Rides at Magic Kingdom - Jungle Cruise

If you’re looking for a quick laugh, you have got to hop aboard the Jungle Cruise. This is my husband’s favorite ride as he loves a terrible joke. Once aboard you will cruise down the river to see hippos, elephants, piranhas, and monkeys oh my! Jungle Cruise opened in Disneyland in 1955, so although the version in Magic Kingdom isn’t the original it does have that true Walt Disney touch.

Height Requirement; None

Fastpass reservation not recommended unless busy

Best Rides at Magic Kingdom – For Little Ones

If you have tiny tikes in your party then there is know doubt you will find yourself in Fantasyland for quite some time.


Best Rides at Magic Kingdom

Dumbo at Magic Kingdom is just one of those classic rides you have to experience. Besides the ride, kiddos and parents love the line. You are probably thinking I am crazy at this point, but inside the Dumbo Line is a huge play area where the parents can relax and you receive a pager to let you know when it is your turn to ride.

Height Requirement; None

Fastpass – Do not get one, your kids will not get to play in the play area with the Fastpass and will be disappointed

Peter Pan –

Let me be honest, this is not my favorite ride, but everyone else in the world seems to love it as it consistently has the longest lines in Fantasyland. You get to sail away in a Pirate Ship and explore Neverland. Like I said the line gets quite long so a Fastpass is highly recommended or visit the ride late at night for smaller lines.

Height Requirement; None

Fastpass – Highly Recommended

It’s a Small World

Disney is all about spending time together, and that is exactly what It’s a Small World gives you. It’s a relaxing boat ride, and you will hear a song that you probably already know quite well sung by dolls that represent all different parts of the world. One thing to note, if you have been to Disneyland, skip this version of Small World as it pales in comparison to Disneyland’s version

Height Requirement; None

Fastpass reservation not necessary

Here's our top picks and a variety of other rides that fit your groups likes it will still be an absolutely magical day! #magickingdom #rides #guide #disneyworld #disney #guide #traveltips #travel #familyvacation #vacation

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