The 8 Best Epcot Quick Service Dining Options – A world of Deliciousness

Epcot, if there is one Disney Park where I get super excited for food it certainly is Epcot. There is such a wide variety of amazing food choices throughout the World Collection that the biggest issue is choosing which place to dine. We usually stay at the Beach Club and Epcot is just a short walk we often find ourselves heading into Epcot simply for lunch or dinner. So, let’s break it down the 8 best Epcot quick service dining choices

Best Epcot Quick Service Food Festival

The 8 Best Epcot Quick Service Dining Options – A world of Deliciousness

  • 8) La Cantina De San Angel – Best Epcot Quick Service with a view

Epcot Quick Service

Located in Mexico right across from the Mayan Tower is La Hacienda. If you are in the mood for Mexican Food this place is a pretty great stop. The carne asada tacos are delicious and nachos are also worth ordering. My kids love to get the mini churros for dessert because they come with a dulce de leche sauce (we usually have them split it so they aren’t bouncing off the walls). Grab a spot along the water and you’ll have an incredible view of Epcot and the illuminations show if you are there late in the evening.

You can check out the menu here!

  • 7) Tangerine Cafe – Morocco


Right next to Paris you will find Morocco and some amazing food. There you can enjoy delicious kababs, falafels, gyros and more. I personally love the couscous and tabouleh salad. Then for dessert, I highly recommend grabbing the baklava. It is sweet and delicious and the perfect amount of sugar to give you the energy to make it around the worlds.

Epcot Quick Service Baklava

You can check out the menu here!

  • 6) Yorkshire County Fish Shop – England Pavillion

Best Epcot Quick Service Dining

Over in England, you can stop by the Rose & Crown Pub for a nice full British meal. Just outside is a great Fish & Chip spot called Yorkshire County Fish Shop. This place my kids and husband absolutely love. My husband loves this stop because all meals come with a pint of beer (if you are on the quick service dining plan), so he enjoys a nice Bass Ale. They also have chicken strips there, but this stop is really about one thing, Fish & Chips and they are pretty authentic. Right behind Yorkshire County Fish Shop, you can also grab a view of Illuminations while the show is performing.

You can check out the menu here!

  • 5) Katsura Grill – Japan Pavillion

Katsura Grills

Kind of tucked away in the upper left corner of the Japan Pavillion you can grab some pretty delicious sushi. I know what you are thinking sushi at Disney? We thought the same but our friends convinced us it was worth a try. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty the sushi was and it is a great healthy option. They also have delicious miso soup to go along with your meal. Once you grab your sushi, head out to the balcony where you’ll see a beautiful view of Epcot.

You can check out the menu here!

  • 4) Via Napoli Pizza Counter – Italy Pizza Place

In the very back corner of Italy you will find a tiny little stand which in my opinion has the best pizza in all of Disney World. This is one of the best of Epcot’s quick service dining because not only is it delicious but it perfectly emulates the little pizza spots you will find in Italy. I loved when I was in Italy and you could stop in and grab a square of some of the tastiest pizza.

Here you get the exact same feeling (except for you are paying Disney Prices) Once again if you are on the dining plan a beer or wine is included, so grab an Italian’s Moretti which is always on tap or perhaps one of their seasonal beers.

  • 3) Starbucks – Best Epcot Counter Service for people addicted to Frappucinos

Best Epcot Quick Service Starbucks

Disney Frappuccino taken at Magic Kingdom

Yes, Starbucks. But hey they have a great deal when it comes to quick service dining. If you are on the dining plan you get a sandwich or salad and as big of a Frappuccino or other specialty drinks. Starbucks is located directly behind the EPCOT ball next to the dancing fountains. I usually don’t do the Starbucks quick service at EPCOT cause I love so many other choices, but my kids sometimes convince me because I have raised future Starbucks addicts (we will have a separate article on my poor parenting at another time)

  • 2) Seasons Grill

Best Epcot Quick Service - Seasons

If you want to hit up a spot where there is something for everyone and probably some of the best quick service food around head over to the Land and directly across from Soarin’ is the Season’s Grill. There are so many different options, from incredible sandwiches on warm focaccia bread to chicken dinners, salmon, pot roast, Asian cuisine. There truly is something for everyone. This is our stop when nobody can make up their mind what they want and everyone comes out happy.

You can check out the menu here!

Best Epcot Quick Service - Paris

  • 1) Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie – Paris France

Our absolute favorite place to grab quick service dining is in France at Epcot’s world showcase. Once again located at the back of the country inside a little shop you will find this incredible place to grab a bite to eat. We love the Jambon sandwich (Ham and cheese and butter on a baguette) and also the quiche is pretty incredible.

But now to the main part of why we love this place. The desserts…..Oh, the desserts. If you are on the meal plan, they will let you substitute your drink for a dessert (with a couple exceptions) You can enjoy some delicious Macarons, Napoleon, Meringues, Crème Brulee and so much more. The selection is incredible. In addition, we love ordering a baguette to eat later as we walk throughout the park. It’s a great value for only a couple bucks.

You can check out the menu here!


Bonus Epcot Quick Service Options ****

Food Festivals –

Best Epcot Quick Service Food Festival

Throughout the year there are several festivals going on at Epcot that offer even more delicious food throughout the worlds. These include the Food & Wine Festival in September & October, Arts Festival in January & February, April –May Flower & Garden Festival and lastly December for Christmas around the world.

Overall, there are so many incredible places in EPCOT for quick service dining it is hard to go wrong. Have fun dining.

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Do you have a favorite spot to grab a bite to eat in EPCOT?

Let us know in the comments.

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