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Isn’t crazy how your world can suddenly come to a screeching halt and get completely flipped upside down overnight? As you can imagine, just like so many other small business owners, the news of the pandemic has caused significant changes in my business.

As a travel blogger/ influencer, I have received email after email of trips canceled, and sponsorships delayed. Plus, my blog traffic has also dramatically decreased as well since people, for obvious reasons, are no longer searching for travel inspiration. All of which directly affect my bottom-line.

Influencer business tips and tricks

I’m not going to lie, there was definitely some panic as I sorted through the news, answered emails, and browsed through my business analytics. But then it hit me. This was no different than any other setback I have faced in my 18 years of being an entrepreneur. In fact, dealing with roadblocks is one of the things us entrepreneurs do best because fortitude and perseverance are part of our DNA.

Ways to help your business grow during slower times

So, let’s chat about the things we CAN control.

  • Mindset- giving yourself a pep talk and taking time to reflect back on all of the other roadblocks you have overcome will help get you pumped to tackle this new challenge. Gratitude is another helpful practice. I have been taking time to think of 3 specific things I am grateful for each morning as I sip my coffee. It has been helping set the tone for a great day.
  • Remember Your Mission- Looking back on why you started is a great way to figure out how and where you can adjust your business. For example, when I started Global Munchkins it was in hopes of connecting with and inspiring other families to bring more joy into their lives by being fully present with their children and prioritizing family bonding. And, while travel was the main way, I was accomplishing that, the truth is there are plenty of other ways families can accomplish this from home- I just needed to be more creative.
  • Business Organization- If you are anything like me you have a looong list of tasks that are important to your business, but just aren’t all that urgent. So, you push them back and tackle the urgent stuff. Well, if your business has slowed down like mine NOW is the perfect time to tackle that long list of to do’s. That way you can return from all of this with a stronger business. Tasks might include- updating old blog posts, creating or updating sales funnels, scheduling out social media posts through a scheduling tool that recirculates them.

Ways to help your business grow during slower times

I hope these ideas help inspire you to continue growing your awesome business during this crazy time. Want even more super awesome tips and tricks from fellow entrepreneurs? GoDaddy set up an awesome forum for small business owners like us. I will be in there sharing more tips and I hope you will join us to learn from the amazing small business community and so that you can enrich the group by contributing your tips and tricks as well.

Click here to check out #OpenWeStand, the small business forum GoDaddy put together to help small business owners like us. I hope to see you there.


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