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What Disney taught my kids about Dreams | Global Munchkins

You may notice that I often post about Disney, whether it’s a trip to the parks or traveling to Aulani. It’s true we have come to love the Disney brand when it comes to traveling but recently I realized Disney actually means a lot more to us than just a brand we can trust. In fact Disney plays an important role in the driving force behind our insatiable appetite for living out our dreams to the fullest! Here are a few lessons Disney has taught my kids (and me too!).

Dreams Matter- Lessons learned from being a Disney Family

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Dreams are Important

In almost every animated Disney movie I have seen, there is a character who has a dream. And, this dream is something that is SO vital to this character’s very being, that they simply MUST chase after it.

This tells children (and adults for that matter) that our dreams are important and that they are something that should NOT be ignored. Sadly, too many go through life not following through on their dreams. They are left unhappy and unfulfilled. All because they want to fit in the box. Our society has a set structure. People are expected to go through life accordingly- go to school, go to college, get a job, get married, have kids.

But, life is SO much more than that!!! I know this because I have chased after EVERY dream that I have had. And, while not every dream has come to fruition nor turned out exactly as I had planned, I can say that my life has turned out pretty dreamy! Like the fact that I was able to adopt two amazing kids… one from halfway around the world! And, that I am excited to jump out of bed every Monday because I have created a career that I absolutely LOVE. All of this was accomplished because I believed in AND pursued my dreams.

Transracial Family Dumbo Ride at Magic Kingdom | Global Munchkins

This concept has definitely rubbed off on my kids too!

Last Christmas Ella declared that she was going to start a macaron business. She asked for supplies as gifts and started baking. I thought it was a hobby but I quickly realized this was much more. This was her dream!

A few months past and her macarons were looking and tasting great! But, she wasn’t satisfied with just baking for friends and family. She wanted a ‘real’ business. So, her father and I told her she needed to come up with a business plan in order to take out a loan from the Bank of Mom and Dad. We were not going to just hand over the money!

To our surprise two days latter she did just that! Before we knew it she was buying her supplies, putting together a website and hired her brother Owen on to handle her social media– SHE WAS 8!!!

Dreams Matter- what Disney taught my kids about believing in their dreams | Global Munchkins

Ella’s first batch of macarons sold out in less than an hour when her site went live. She paid off her loan and put all of her money back into her business. By mid summer she teamed with No Kid Hungry and sold enough macarons to give more than 1,000 meals to kids in need!!!

Little Black girl Meeting Tiana at the Disney SMMC event | Global Munchkins

When I asked her where she got her ambition she said, “Tiana… didn’t you hear what her dad told her when she was a little girl? You just need a dream and hard work mom!” Well done Disney!

It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are

Disney is also constantly striving to create diversity in their characters. To show us that no matter who we are or where we came from we are capable and deserving of greatness. (I cannot wait to see Queen of Katawe with my kids because I have a hunch this lesson will be palpable in that story for sure.) Doc McStuffins is a great example. A strong, smart black female as the lead character isn’t something we see often enough.

Little Black Girl with Doc McStuffins Character

Speaking of tv characters, my son Shea learned a valuable lesson after watching the Disney Channel last year. They had a bunch of commercials showing characters from his favorite Disney shows helping others and having fun doing it. We were headed to Ethiopia on a very special trip to visit his birth family (read about that here) and those commercials gave him an idea.

He asked if he could bring something to share with his biological siblings and the other kids from his village. You see Shea lived in Ethiopia the first 4 years of his life and he had memories of what life was like. He knew how blessed his life was now and he wanted to be a blessing to others.

Shea thought about it for a day or two and then decided he wanted to collect soccer balls for all the kids. I thought it was a fabulous idea so we got working on it and through my blog (see that post here), Shea going door to door with me around the neighborhood and word of mouth he collected over 300 new & used soccer balls!!!

Read more about how we delivered them to several organizations and tons of street kids all over Ethiopia.



Dreams are Worth Fighting For

The truth is dreams can sometimes sound crazy and impossible to others. Negative feedback is just on of the roadblocks that every true dreamer has to overcome. Walt Disney himself often faced backlash from naysayers like when he stated he would make the first animated motion picture film and again when he claimed he wanted to build “a family park where parents and children could have fun- together.”

I think this is probably why so many Disney films have characters that have to battle and overcome obstacles before their dreams come true. Like with the story of Pocahontas, Ella’s favorite princess who has to fight for understanding between her people and the settlers.


By instilling these beliefs and expectations in our own children we broaden their capacity to push through the hard times that will inevitably come. We give them the strength and fortitude to hang tight when the going gets tough and so many give up hope.

Dreams Do Come True

Lastly, Disney is the cornerstone of the whole “Dreams Come True” mantra. We hear it in their songs, see it on the screens and believe it when we walk through the front gates of any Disney park. It’s the fundamental idea that our kids need to hold on to if they are going to change the world… and I believe they will!

Private 3D Fireworks at Typhoon Lagoon. A private beach party for Disney SMMC | Global Munchkins

A Few of Our Favorite Disney Quotes about Dreams to Inspire You!Dreams Matter- what Disney taught my kids about dreams | Global Munchkins

Dreams Matter- What Disney teaches us about Dreams | Global Munchkins

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What Disney taught my kids about Dreams | Global Munchkins

Do you encourage your kids to dream big?


  • Words cannot express how much I love this post!! Way to go, mom! What amazing children you are raising, and I love how the Disney quotes help support the inspiring and giving lifestyle you are leading with your family. I am so impressed by your kids and all they have done at such young ages. I am always encouraging my own kiddos to dream big and work hard to make their goals, but I can’t wait to show my kids what your kids have done because I think it helps them to see others their age who are doing big things. Thank you for this!!

  • What an awesome post! Disney sends the best messages. Love this!

  • Joanna says:

    That is amazing that your daughter put together that business!!! So awesome:)

    • Mama Munchkin says:

      Kids are incredible, brave, resilient and capable of much more than we think they are. Mine impress me all the time! Teaches me to really listen to them and try. It to discourage them when I think their thoughts are impossible ?

  • Jennifer says:

    Same as you I love Walt Disney and the lesson Disney brings to us. The world in Disney is not only for our kids but also for us. Your little girl is so smart. it impressed me that she had plan and knowing how to do it at such young ages. Anyone can pursue their dream. It’s really inspiring.

  • Finally, there’s someone talking about dreams. Thank you very much! I really appreciate your post. And sometimes, dreams tell us about what state we are in like: happy, stressful or overtired,…We get it right and find a way to solve them. I love what you talk about “Dream do come true” and i have been always believing in that. No matter how hard the life is, we need our effort and of course, our dream to get through it. To live is to dream and work for it.

    • Mama Munchkin says:

      Yes, that is absolutely right. A dream + some work can go a L-O-N-G way. And, very interesting about how our dreams can also expose our state of mind.

  • Jennifer says:

    Life is so boring without dreams. We all know that dreams will encourage us to try our best in doing anything. I mean, they are very important to everybody. Your post has brought us so many meaningful things. Thanks for sharing.

  • Terumi says:

    What an inspiring post! I love reading about kids who chase their dreams:). I’m totally sharing this with my kids-I think they would love reading this too:)

  • Your post gave me a lot of encouragement. Why don’t we let them dream big? Sometimes it sounds funny even crazy when I listen to their dreams. But yeah. Everything can happen. Thanks for the share.

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