3 Meaningful Ways to Empower Your Daughter Today

Tips to Help Empower Your Daughter

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I am proud to come from a family of strong and confident women and it is my hope for my daughters that they grow up with the same confidence and assuredness to know that they are capable of anything they set their mind to.

3 Meaningful Ways to Empower Your Daughter Today

Tips to Help Empower Your Daughter

Behind every strong and brilliant woman is a mama who helped support and inspires her, and that is exactly what I hope to do with my own girls. I have had the opportunity to be in the same room as many brilliant and amazing women and I always ask them where they drew their inspiration from and how they found their confidence. Often times the answer began at home.

From these conversations, I have found a few key things that the mamas of these amazing women have done and now I am sharing them with you. Here’s to raising empowered daughters.

1 Help Your Daughter Pursue a Passion

It is so important that our girls have a cheerleader in life and that we encourage them to pursue their passions, especially when their interests fall outside of gender norms.

We like to encourage healthy living, which to us includes finding ways to be active. My oldest daughter desperately wanted to fall in love with a sport as her older brothers had, but she really struggled. After trying a bunch of different sports, she finally fell in love with swimming. She fell head over heels and completely attached being a swimmer to her identity.

Swim cap on a cute little girl

She was so excited when she walked into our local Justice clothing store and found swim-themed clothing. I love that Justice supports active girls with clothing for all different kinds of sports. It’s little things like that which help encourage girls to identify as athletes.

2 Give Her a Voice

Another comment I hear a lot from successful women is that they are given a voice at home, meaning they are encouraged to speak up and when they speak up people listen. This sounds simple, but if you think about it, women over the years have been conditioned to be seen and not heard.

Tips to Help Empower Your Daughter

So, it’s important to encourage our girls to use their voices, to share their thoughts, and when they do, we need to be present at the moment and really listen to them.

By setting this stage at home, we are giving our daughters a platform which they can use to speak up for years to come, adding a new voice to our society. Voices that for so long haven’t been equally represented.

I love that Justice understands this and uses their clothing line to help celebrate all girls and their own unique styles. It’s why I feel confident and am inspired to shop at Justice with my girls.

 Teach your daughter her worth with these simple ways to help empower your daughter today

And Justice doesn’t just talk the talk, they actually do something about it too. This spring, Justice hosted the Live Justice Summit. Since then, they’ve launched a YouTube Series The Summit: A Girl’s View inspired by the curriculum from the event. The series highlights the achievements of everyday girls. You can check it out here on there, with new episodes launching every week.


3 Identify Values that are Important to Your Family

Helping our daughters to identify values that align with our family’s values is also incredibly important. It serves as a baseline for them to make difficult decisions in the future.

In our family, we encourage focusing on Kindness, Servitude, Gratefulness, and Being Respectful. I feel like these values will help to serve our children well in life and help our daughters build good moral character.

Easy ways to help empower your daughter today

Once again Justice aligns with our family’s values. I can almost always find clothing that makes a statement about kindness, inclusiveness, being positive, and being yourself. All things which we highly encourage.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I am happy that I have Justice as part of our village.

Teach your daughter her worth with these simple ways to help empower your daughter today

Have you shopped at Justice lately?

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