12 Incredible Things You Did NOT KNOW About the Norwegian Bliss + Photos

As many of you know, I absolutely love Norwegian Cruise Lines. As luck might have it I found my way onboard a wonderful 2 night sailing out of Los Angeles onboard the New Norwegian Bliss! After sailing on the Norwegian Epic and Norwegian Getaway, I was so excited to sail once more with Norwegian Cruise Lines. Once I got onboard I made sure to take as many Norwegian Bliss photos as possible.  You can see all the incredible aspects of the ship, let me tell you,  the NCL Bliss does not disappoint.

12 Incredible Things You Did Not Know About the NCL Bliss + Norwegian Bliss Photos & More

1. Larger Ship with Less Staterooms

One of the things I loved the most about the Norwegian Bliss, was that even though the ship is slightly larger than other ships in the Breakaway class, the main seating and dining areas were a lot less crowded. This was an intentional move by Norwegian as they reduced the number of staterooms and increased the area of the public spaces. I could not believe the difference this made onboard the Bliss as the pool decks and main decks hardly seemed crowded. The only time it seemed slightly crowded was exiting one of their Broadway shows, like the Jersey Boys and that was just for a few seconds.

Norwegian Bliss Photos - Pool Deck

Norwegian Bliss Photos – Pool Deck

2. NCL Bliss has spaces exclusively with the Alaska Itinerary in mind.

A large portion of the NCL Bliss itinerary is up in beautiful Alaska, with that being said, Norwegian Cruise Lines designed some exclusive areas just for the Alaska Experience. On deck 15 is an inside observation lounge which has an incredible view of the front of the ship. Inside the observation lounge are light snacks and a bar to grab some cocktails while sailing through the glaciers. This is one of the areas that used to have staterooms on some of the other Breakway ships but now is just another great area to enjoy the beauty of Alaska. If you are lucky enough to stay in the Haven Suites, there is another exclusive area for Haven guests to check out the beauty of Alaska. Norwegian Bliss Observation Lounge  

3. Enjoy chocolate from a $500,000 Chocolate Machine that is on display.

That is right, $500,000 is the cost of this chocolate maker and it is on display right in front of Norwegian Bliss Chocolate Shop, Coco’s. In fact, all the chocolate onboard the Norwegian Bliss is made fresh right on the ship and it is quite delicious. I highly recommend getting the milkshake from Coco’s it is an Instagram worthy item, that tastes as good as it looks. It is massive so find a friend to share.  

Norwegian Bliss Photos - $500,000 Chocolate Machine

Norwegian Bliss Photos – $500,000 Chocolate Machine


4. There is a Mario Kart style “Boost” button on the only Race Track at Sea in North America

If you have looked up any facts about the Norwegian Bliss, the one thing you can’t miss is their massive race track at sea. This was one of mine and especially my husband’s favorite things to do. It is the largest race track at sea (the only other race track at sea is on the Norwegian Joy sailing out of Asia). Once you buckle up for the race you will love speeding around tight corners on this two level go kart track. My favorite part of the race was once every lap you can press a boost button to give you an extra boost to help you speed around opponents on the track. **Pro Tip** – Make reservations for the go-kart track when you first get onboard the ship as it does book up quickly. I recommend going at least twice.

NCL Bliss Go Kart at Sea (1)

Norwegian Bliss Photos – Go Kart at Sea

5. Some lucky guests get to enjoy a pool with a retractable roof for when it gets frigid outside.

If you are staying in the Haven Suites, you get access to your own private pool exclusively for Haven guest. That pool comes with a clear retractable roof on the NCL Bliss so when the temperature drops (and it definitely can in Alaska even in the summer) you can still enjoy some pool time.

Norwegian Bliss Photos - Haven Private Pool

Norwegian Bliss Photos – Haven Private Pool

6. Yeah, most ships have steam rooms, but this ship has a Snow Room!

I love a spa, my husband, not so much. However, when we toured the Thermal Suite onboard the Norwegian Bliss, he was ready to buy a pass immediately. Inside you will find your classic saunas and spas, but where the Bliss takes it to the next level, is all their other incredible rooms. A salt therapy room, a snow room, which inside has real snow, heated loungers with a view of the ocean and so much more. It was simply heaven. Now, that being said, Norwegian knows this will be a popular amenity so we were told they sell only 120 passes where you can enjoy the Thermal Suite the whole cruise. So book Early!

Norwegian Bliss Things to Do - Barber Shop

There is also an incredible Barber Shop in the Spa


7. Whatever you like to drink, there’s a bar for it.

Whether you are a whiskey lover, beer lover, or even a mojito lover like myself, there is a bar for you. The Bliss has some of the most amazing bars of any ship I have been on. Up by the pool deck is Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville where you can grab some amazing Nachos and of course Margaritas. Down on Deck 8 is a Mojito Bar, Whisky Bar, and my husband’s favorite place the brewhouse.

Norwegian Bliss Photos - Enjoying Mojitos at the Amazing Mojito Bar

Norwegian Bliss Photos – Enjoying Mojitos at the Amazing Mojito Bar – Ginger Mojito & Jalapeno Cucumber Mojito

8. There is some crazy attention to detail inside your staterooms

Inside your stateroom, the one thing any cruise goer knows is that space is an important thing. Inside the staterooms, the beds are raised to easily fit your luggage after unpacking. The closets are larger than most staterooms. If you are staying in a mini suite, family stateroom or regular suite there is a double sink inside the restroom so that more than just one person can get ready. One of my favorite features was a USB plug by the night light on each side of the bed to charge your phone or any other device.

9. Laser Tag is fun for the whole family and little kids will love Hero Blast.

Having a wide range of kids in our family (from 4 years to 15 years old) you can’t always get to do everything together as a family. The laser tag onboard the Bliss is so much fun for the whole family. That is because not only do they have the traditional Laser Tag Guns, but they also have a Hero Blast glove for smaller kids so that they can act like a superhero and blast the other team by holing out their fist. This is one of those little details that make me love Norwegian Cruise Line Hero Blast

10. Two loops on one slide and two people on the other slide with an amazing light show

The Norwegian Bliss has two waterslides onboard. One is a drop slide which the floor drops out and you sail through two loops over the water as the slide extends beyond the borders of the ship. The second slide is not your normal tube slide on a raft. Instead, two people can ride (you have to be less than a combined 300 lbs) down the raft and inside is an amazing array of light tunnels that make the ride so much more fun than if it was just dark inside. This one was my favorite, my hubby loved the drop slide.  

11. Large Families can stay in the Haven Suites for cheaper than regular staterooms.

That’s right, a family can possibly stay in the Haven Suite for less than the price of traditional rooms. If you are a family of 6, in many of the off seasons you can actually book a 2 bedroom Family Villa with butler service and everything for less than the price of two balcony staterooms. Plus, when you book the Haven suites you get all 5 of the Free at Sea options. That’s Free Wifi, Free Upgraded Dining, Free Beverage Package, & Shore Excursion Credits. One more bonus thing is an incredible tub overlooking the ocean. Check Current Prices Here!

Norwegian Bliss Photos - Family Suite Tub

Norwegian Bliss Photos – Family Suite Tub

12. There is a hidden set of Hot Tubs that barely anyone uses

Onboard a cruise ship, everyone needs a little hot tub time. Unfortunately, those hot tubs can get filled up pretty quickly. Onboard the Bliss if you head to Deck 19 and walk past the laser tag entrance there is a nice set of two hot tubs just sitting there. It is located near the Haven suites, so I believe people think it is for the Haven. I asked and it is not and it was empty the whole time we were onboard. Enjoy!

NCL Bliss - Hidden Hot Tubs

Empty Jacuzzi is my cup of tea

Overall, the Norwegian Bliss, was my favorite of the Norwegian Cruise Ships. Everything was done beautifully and their attention to detail is amazing. If you  have any questions about this ship comment below and I will be happy to answer.

**Bonus** – The NCL Bliss has a sister ship that will be sailing in Alaska too!

The NCL Bliss has a sister ship that is very similar, called Norwegian Joy. The Joy was sailing in Asia for one year but is heading to the west coast in May and will begin sailing to Alaska. Onboard they have the amazing race track, laser tag and more. Plus, the featured show was announced and for those of you who love the 80’s you’ll be sure to enjoy Footloose the Musical.



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12 Things You Did Not Know About the New Norwegian Bliss *We were hosted on a 2 Night Inaugural sailing by Norwegian Cruise Line. All my opinions are my own, and you know I like to speak my mind.


  • Maureen says:

    I just booked this cruise for March 23 2019out of florida ..I’m picking the dinning package can you tell me is it free or do I pay up front not sure how it works.Also what should we do off the boat.

    • Mama Munchkin says:

      Hi Maureen,

      Norwegian often offers the dining package free as one of its promotions. Look for the FREE at Sea Promotion. You can choose up to 4 free options depending on the category of room you book. My personal favorite is the dining package, but the beverage package is very popular as well.

    • Art says:

      If you picked this as a “free at sea” you will be charged the gratuity on the ‘onboard’ value of the specialty dining restaurants. You should make your reservations now for the dates you wish to use the meals included in your package. This is a very popular option and many of the more popular restaurants will post no vacancy prior to sailing.

      All suites and Haven guests get the Specialty Dining package included in their room fees.

      Check on CruiseCritic.com for on shore activities for the ports you will be visiting. This is the cruising arm of Trip Advisor.

  • Tali says:

    How is this ship for little ones? We are looking to book Bliss in October and have a 4 year old and 2 1/2 year old. The only other ship they’ve been on has been Disney and we’re a little afraid there won’t be much for them to do in comparison. They won’t be excited about the kids clubs, prefer family activities.

  • Tali says:

    Thanks for this great post. We’re looking at the Bliss for October and wondering if there’s much for families with little ones to do (we have a 4 year old and a 2 1/2 year old). We’ve done a Disney Cruise with them and are a little concerned there won’t be much in comparison. Any advice? Are there a lot of family activities for little ones (our kids won’t be into being left at a kids club)?

    • Mama Munchkin says:

      If it were me I would take them on the Getaway if you want to try Norwegian. This ship is awesome but the slides and the go-karts would be things that older kids would love. We took younger ones on the Getaway and really enjoyed it. Another great ship would be the Harmony of the Seas. Disney is awesome with little ones. Only trouble is it can be very expensive.

  • Mary says:

    We are planning a March 2019 Caribbean cruise on the Norwegian Bliss. Which mid ship cabin with balcony would be quiet? Away from laundry, public areas, not below pool or promenade decks etc.
    Thank you.

  • Shellie says:

    We just booked this ship for the end of April. It’s my husbands first cruise and my 2nd. Although, I’m not sure I should count the 3 day cruise to Ensanada 20 years ago.

    Thank you for the tips. We will definitely use them!

  • Nano Younger says:

    Is cash used anywhere on board or is everything tied to your room? esp restaurants

    where is the mini golf course?

    do you register for all entertainment on line?

    • Mama Munchkin says:

      Hi Nano,
      I don’t believe cash is used anywhere on board. You can go to the front desk and pay for your charges with cash.
      The mini golf course is located near the race track. Yes, most entertainment you register for online but you can do it on the ship as well

  • shanelle says:

    hi can you tell me if you have to pay for the snow room on the NCL bliss and If so how much?
    many thanks

  • Susan says:

    Hi! We have booked a spa mini suite with a balcony on Norwegian Bliss, deck 15, room 15182. Now that I have had time to more thoroughly look at our cruise information, that deck and room are directly under the pool/sun deck. Is this going to be a noise issue? I called to see if we could go down a deck and the ship is full, thus we can’t be moved to a different deck. The agent I just spoke to suggested I move to the other side of the ship, into room 15814 but that is directly under the slide that hangs over the side of the ship. Should I stay put? Take the room with the balcony that may see the slide? Suggestions, please! We are first time cruisers… thanks in advance!

    • Mama Munchkin says:

      Hi Susan, I would move to the other side where the slide hangs out. You don’t often look up while sitting on the balcony, but the constant footsteps above the room could get annoying if you are a light sleeper.

  • Brian says:

    Does Norwegian bliss have a seafood night ? Or have a night that serves lobster tail like other cruise ship? Thanks

  • Angela Albano says:

    Is the haven pool the only pool that can be enclosed? Do you know anything about bidding for upgrades?

    • Michael Mamian says:

      Hi Angela,

      Yes, the Haven Pool is the one that is enclosed. From what I heard about bidding on upgrades, it really if a full bidding system. So if someone bids higher than you, they get the upgrade. I say bid what you are comfortable with and hopefully, you get it.

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