Zipline Maui – A Guide to The Best Ziplines in Maui

What kid hasn’t dreamed of flying? Well, if you happen to find yourself on a family trip to Maui you can make your kid’s dreams come true! And let’s be honest – it’s probably a dream of yours too. Imagine the chance to soar over the treetops, viewing the world from above. Spend a few hours on a zipline maui tour and you might never want to come down. It’s exhilarating, beautiful, and just plain fun.

Whether you zipline every vacation or have never tried it, Maui is the perfect place for a zipline experience. Beautiful scenery and top safety standards will make the adventure even more enjoyable for the whole family.

Zipline Maui – The Best Ziplines in Maui


The first zipline in the US actually opened here in Maui back in 2002. Since then more than a dozen companies have worked to grow Maui’s ziplining options. Some companies focus on beautiful scenery, others high-speed fun. Below we have listed some of the most recommended zipline locations for you to check out.




How many people can say they have ziplined down the slopes of a volcano? Haleakala Volcano is the world’s largest dormant volcano and at the Pi‘iholo Ranch in Upcountry Maui you can have the chance to fly down its slopes. 

A great zipline option for those fans of an adrenaline rush, the Pi‘iholo Zipline course offers a bit of everything. You can fly over forest, meadows, and gulches. In winter you might see small waterfalls and there is always the chance to spot some wildlife.

Offering the longest side-by-side zipline on the island of Maui, the Pi‘iholo Zipline course allows for tandem zipping and the chance to race other zipliners down. The final 2,800-foot zipline also offers some gorgeous views across the island, from Haleakala’s summit to the North Shore.

Most tours here include 4-5 ziplines, a few aerial bridges, and tree platforms. The equipment is excellent and they even have self-stopping lines that don’t require you to manually use your hands to stop. We really enjoyed this tour and it makes Haleakala an especially great option for families with younger children. Check Current Prices Here!


If you are looking for the most family-friendly ziplining option in Maui, make sure you check out the Waikapu ziplines run by Maui Zipline on the Maui Tropical Plantation. Children as young as 5 are welcome to join in on the fun and the staff here are great with kids.

Tours start out with a walk around the Plantation and some educational information on local, native plants and animals. Next, you head to the first observation deck for a view over the plantation and surrounding forests. Once you are ready, it’s time to fly with 5 ziplines available on most tours.

The kid-friendly lines are a bit shorter than you might find at other ziplining locations, with lengths running from 300 to 900 feet. With the incredible scenery though, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be able to zip through lush forests, over the plantation’s lagoon, and into a tree house. The longest line, 900-feet, is a tandem line and offers a great way to soar along with your kids.



In West Maui, it is the Ka’anapali course, run by Skyline Eco-Adventures that tops most people’s must-do lists. Created by the same people who opened Maui’s first zipline course back in 2002, Ka‘anapali offers guests a chance to really enjoy the scenery of this part of the island.

The Ka‘anapali zipline course is set up for a number of tour options. You can start out slow with a 4 line tour or up it to the 8 and 9 line options. Some highlights include the course’s double racing line, the neighbor island views, and the natural mountain pool. For those hot summer days, check out the “Zip n’ Dip Tour” which lets you zipline right into a refreshing pool at the end of your tour.

The lines at Ka‘anapali are a little bit more advanced and children must be at least 10 to participate. We took the Haleakala tour because Ella was only 8 at the time and it is great for beginners but if you want more of a rush, do the Ka’anapali Maui zipline tour. Check Latest Prices Here!

Flyin’ Hawaiian Maui Zipline

Maui Zipline

Picture Courtesy of Tripadvisor

Located within the Waikapu Valley, this is the Maui zipline option for anyone looking for the biggest and longest. Flyin’ Hawaiian Zipline has the views and the lush forests but it also has the islands longest zipline – a full 3,600 feet long or nearly ¾ of a mile!

The full ziplining course at Flyin’ Hawaiian Zipline consists of 8 lines, ranging from 250 feet to their recorded setting 3,600-foot line. Most tours last 4 hours and allow you a chance to soar over a number of valleys and ridges on your way from Waikapu to Ma’alaea. The guides are great at pointing out local plants and animals, as well as giving you a bit of interesting information on Maui’s cultural history.

Flyin’ Hawaiian Zipline is also an eco-conscious organization. Their ziplines were set up without the use of heavy machinery, which can damage native plants, and all guests are provided water in reusable aluminum water bottles.

Kapalua Maui Ziplines

Another great ziplining option on Maui would be the massive Kapalua Zipline course. One of the largest ziplining courses in the country, the Kapalua zipline’s include almost two miles of parallel zipping. With seven parallel lines in total, Kapalua is a great place for tandem zipping with friends or family.

In addition to all the ziplines themselves, Kapalua also gives you the chance to see pineapple fields, lush jungle, and a 50-foot waterfall. You’ll also be able to walk along Hawaii’s longest suspension bridge. With a drop of 300+ feet, the bridge is just as thrilling as any of the ziplines.

When it comes to ziplining, Maui did it first and still does it best. Any of the island’s ziplining options are great and you really can’t go wrong. Who knows, once you first experience the joy of soaring over the Hawaiian forest, you might want to try them all. Check Current Prices Here!

The Best Zipline in Maui for Adrenaline Junkines – Rappel Maui Extreme Zip Rappel Tour

Zipline in Maui

Picture Courtesy of Tripadvisor

Here is the one my boys have been dying to do. The Rappel Maui Extreme Zip Rappel Tour is the most exhilirating of all the ziplines in Maui. Spend a few hours on a zipline maui tour and you might never want to come down. It’s exhilarating, beautiful, and just plain fun. Take the plunge for a thrilling day of outdoor adventure during this 7.5-hour extreme zipline and rappelling tour on Maui. This course will have you get wet with a thrilling drop into a refreshing freshwater pool and then you make a heart-pounding ‘dry’ rappel down a 110-foot (33-meter) cliff (YIKES!) Check Current Prices Here!

No matter where you go zipline in Maui, you will have incredible views and some amazing adventures. You simply have to decide what level of intensity you wish to have.

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