The Best Supreme Airpod Cases & Bape Airpod Cases

Bathing Ape Shark Camo Airpod Case

Having 5 kids, 4 of which have AirPods, we are in desperate need to find some airpod cases to help differentiate the different sets of airpods. Luckily there are a plethora of options. I have three boys who are obsessed with the brand Supreme and Bathing Ape. In fact, they drug me all over Tokyo to find the Bathing Ape store. So we had to go on a search for the best Supreme airpod cases and Bape airpod cases on the market. We researched to make sure that we are only promoting cases from legitimate sites where you will receive your case in 1-2 weeks at the most. Here are our teens’ favorite options. 

Airpod Cases

Perfect Airpods case for the traveler!

supreme airpod cases

This one is great for members of our family as we are always traveling. It was pretty durable, fit perfect and available on Amazon Prime. Check it out here!

Supreme Luxury Case Designer Leather Skin – Red Flower Logo

Supreme Leather Case

These are some nice looking Airpod cases that help protect your airpods from scratches, drops and dents. Plus, more important, as my son would say, they have some serious swag. Check current price here!

Supreme Airpod Pro Cases!

Supreme Airpod Pro Case

Of course, recently two of my boys got the Airpod pros, so we needed to look for new Supreme Airpod cases for the pro version. These ones caught our kid’s eye as they are nice and clean and come in the classic supreme colors. You can grab them here!

Clear Supreme AirPods Pro Case 2019 Upgraded Protective Cover for AirPod Pro Case Clear

Clear Supreme Airpod Case

The thing I really like about this case is the giant clip that comes with it. I usually buy those separately as they are great to hook onto backpacks so that your case does not get lost. Available on Amazon

Bape Airpod Cases

Soft Silicone Bathing Ape Case

bathing ape airpod case

This was my son’s favorite, in fact, he has a giant Bathing Ape decal on his wall just like this case. This silicone case is available on Amazon and with prime shipping. Check it out here!

Bape Shark Camo Case

Bathing Ape Shark Camo Airpod Case

This Bape Airpod case is definitely a best seller. The shark camo is one of their top selling designs for apparel. This case works for the classic airpod. Check it out here!


Bape Airpod Pro Cases

Shark Teeth Camo Softshell Silicone AirPods Pro Case

BAPE Airpod Pro Case

Made of high-quality impact-resistant silicone rubber and compatible with Apple AirPods pro & AirPods 3 Charging Case. Shock absorbing design-superior shock absorbing design engineered to absorb, evenly distribute and circulate the impacts into the case. There is also a charging hole design at the bottom which makes it easier to securely carry around Airpods pro. Check Current Prices Here!


If you know of any other Amazing Supeme Airpod Cases or Bathing Ape Cases Let us know in the comments and we will check it out. 

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