New Places to Eat in Temecula

Bean Coffee Roasters in Temecula | Global Munchkins

Whether you are in search of the perfect Parisian croissant, want to check out this whole poke craze for yourself or you are just looking for the perfect cup of Joe relax! You won’t have to go very far to find it thanks to some fantastic NEW restaurants that just popped up in Temecula.

New Places to Eat in Temecula

Laurent’s Le Coffee Shop

A table of food from Laurent's Le Coffee Shop in Temecula | Global Munchkins

A newcomer to the Old Town Front Street area is the delicious Laurent’s Le Coffee Shop. Here you will find fresh baked pastries (reminiscent of our trip to Paris- read more about that here), perfectly cooked omelettes, breakfast sandwiches, robust coffee and lattes, colorful macarons and freshly made desserts that will leave you drooling. They also serve quiche and baguette sandwiches as well if you are looking for more of a lunch type meal.

Croissant sandwich from Laurent's Le Coffee Shop in Temecula | Global Munchkins

My family enjoyed a delicious weekend breakfast here. One of the BEST breakfasts in fact that we have ever had in Temecula. Everything was cooked to perfection and the service was warm and welcoming. I highly recommend you check this place out!!

Laurent’s Le Coffee Shop

41955 4th Street, Temecula


Bean Coffee

Bean Coffee Roasters in Temecula | Global Munchkins

It’s true… I am definitely a coffee snob. I will drink Starbucks when I have to but I would prefer to sip on a brew from a local coffee roaster anyday. So, to say I was excited about the new Bean Coffee Roasters that opened up off Ynez is a bit of an understatement. THRILLED would be more suitable. I could tell I was going to love this place the moment I walked in and got a whiff of that glorious freshly roasted coffee bean smell. I was immediately greeted by two cheerful baristas who helped me pick the perfect drink.

Bean Coffee Roasters Iced Latte in Temecula | Global Munchkins

It was 100+ degrees outside, as our lovely town so often is so a cold brew was in order. We added some whole milk to give it that creamy texture I love and I was one happy camper. Bean has indoor and outdoor seating and plenty of room to either work or meet up. The only fallback I have come across is their wifi can be a bit dodgey. They offer snacks and breakfast items as well as a ton of coffee and tea options.

Bean Coffee Roasters

27423 Ynez Rd. Temecula

(951) 506-0003

Poke’ n Salad

Poke' n Salads Poke Bowl in Temecula | Global Munchkins

If you are new to the Poke Salad craze let me tell you… you are in for a real treat! This brand new Temecula restaurant has quickly become my go to healthy lunch. It is located in the Kmart shopping center across from the mall on Ynez and it is one of the best new restaurants in Temecula HANDS DOWN!

Being a complete newbie I was a bit nervous to try it for the first time. However, their friendly staff guided me through the process. Similar to Chipotle you choose a bowl or plate. You have the option of all greens, rice or a blend of both (which I recommend) you then pick your fish. I LOVE the spicy tuna but my hubby gets a mix of spicy tuna + poke, next up is the sauce (the house one is super tasty) and finally you add some topping. Topping choices include: fresh veggies, edamame, sesame seeds, ginger, avocado, wasabi + more. Then bam you are done and it is like “Welcome to Flavor Country”… SO GOOD!!! Plus, BONUS points because its totally healthy too!!

Luna Grill

Hummus Plate at Luna Grill in Temecula | Global Munchkins

Speaking of healthy another new restaurant that I have been enjoying is the brand new Luna Grill that opened up near the mall. My brother in law had been telling me about this San Diego chain for the past few years. Claiming it was the BEST Mediterranean food he had ever tried. He even got my husband a gift card for Luna Grill before it ever opened. And, guess what? He was right!!!

Luna Grill Falafel Wrap in Temecula | Global Munchkins

Luna Grill has delicious kabob plates and I love their falafel sandwich. It’s a little pricey for lunch but the portions are very generous and could easily be split.

Luna Grill

40756 Winchester Rd. Temecula

(951) 296-0605

Baja’s Catch Fresh Grill

Fish Tacos from Baja's Catch Fresh Grill in Temecula | Global Munchkins

Lastly, but certainly not least is Baja’s Catch Fresh Grill. Talk about value!!! This taco shop has some of the absolute BEST tasting fish tacos I have EVER had. They remind me of some I tasted on a food tour through Cozumel this past summer in fact! The fish is cooked to perfection, the tortillas are hot, the veggies are crisp  and the salsa is incredible!!! I guess that is what happens when a family pours over 35 years into their craft. Thank you Chavez family for bringing Baja taste to Temecula!!!

Baja’s Catch Fresh Grill

32459 Temecula Pkwy Temecula

(951) 302-0052

I hope you have been inspired to check out some of these fantastic new places to dine in Temecula this weekend… or heck’ right now for lunch!!

PS- other Temecula happenings include: a peek at Ballast Point, Temecula Museum and Aquaterra Restaurant

Did I miss your Favorite New Local Eatery?

Tell me about it in the comments below. I would love to check it out.


  • Gary says:

    Have you tried Zabber Thai Fusion in Temecula? Awesome and owned be a retired U.S. Marine.

  • Lara says:

    The press Espresso in old town is amazing – their brown sugar Carmel almond milk lattes are SO good.

  • Spumoni says:

    The Press Espresso in Old Town makes all their own syrups and roasts their own beans as well. I’m guessing they don’t do it on site, though, as it is a little small.
    It has a great vibe; I love the decor, and the owner and employees are super friendly.
    I have not tried it, but someone ordered a chocolate drink (maybe drinking chocolate? It wasn’t regular hot chocolate) while I was there and it looked crazy good!! Yes, they have nitro cold brew, too.

    Thanks so much for your post. I can’t wait to try a few spots that I did not know about! Blessings 🙂

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