Disneyland Birthdays with a Princess

Over the years it has become a tradition to take our kids somewhere by themselves (no siblings just mom & dad). Each year Ella would choose Disneyland. And, every year until this year she would dress up as a princess. So, when she decided she wanted to take a friend this year AND she did NOT want to wear a dress I thought I might die. Okay maybe that’s a bit intense… but I did feel like weeping big crocodile tears into a pillow.

So, to make myself feel better I decided I would reflect back on each of  those awesome years.

Looking back reminded me just how magical Disneyland truly is. When it comes to birthdays the set the bar. Whether it was the birthday button, all the employees (and guests) wishing my kids happy birthdays as we walked through the park, the birthday kid getting picked to volunteer or handed a special treat at Ghiradelli’s Disney just knows how to do birthdays right!

I mean what better place to take a kid on their birthday right?

So, without further adieu… here are some pictures of Ella through the years… YES!!! I have a big box of tissues next to me to dry up my puddle of tears. I can’t believe my baby girl is 8. How the heck does that happen???


Her first time dressing up. She was 2. We took her to Ariel’s Grotto. She was so excited but also star struck and she wouldn’t talk to any of the princesses. IMG_8195Three she had this thing down… again she chose Ariel’s Grotto. And, she wanted to be dressed just like her. And, this time she actually spoke to the princesses 😉

IMG_1961Repunzel was too fun… she let me do a cool braid in the back and she walked around with a princess swag- Ha!! She truly was a princess attitude and all.

IMG_1633  Next up was Aurora. Maleficent was in the park and when she saw Ella she stopped the line, grabbed Ella’s hand and marched us across the park to find Aurora. Ella was in SO excited!!!

IMG_0387This may have been her dad’s favorite year. She had some spunk while she was Pocahontas.

IMG_4219Last year she was lucky enough to go on a Disney Cruise for her birthday. The princesses take their time with the girls on the boat its great. Well… it was great for Ella. Olivia had second thoughts!

FullSizeRender(9)Then this year… the dress is gone and her bestie was in tow. But, she will always be my princess!!!

IMG_1469Happy 8th Birthday Ella… We love you more than words!!!


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