Disney World Stroller Rental – What is the Best Option?

Disney World Stroller Rental

We’re pretty big Disney fans over here. Our family has so many memories at the parks from hot summer days to braving it through the pouring rain, we’ll power through anything for a little Disney magic. This being said, we’ve been through the struggle of having sleepy tired toddlers and adventurous little ones who might just take off at any moment. How did we make it through those days without coming to resent Disney World? One word; strollers. Here’s the thing though, Disney World Stroller Rentals are another added expense to an already pricey vacation. (Here is how we save 50% on our Disney Vacations) It’s a tough decision on whether or not you might not really want to drag a stroller through airports and public transportation or even to your own car.

Disney World Stroller Rental – Should you Bring Your Own?

Disney World Stroller Rental

How to Know if You Even Need a Stroller

If you are contemplating this question at all, the answer is probably yes you need one. You will do more walking in the Disney World parks than you likely would anywhere else in the world. Even if your little one has “mostly” graduated from the stroller on an everyday basis, if they are under 5 you should still look into having one on your vacation. Pushing the stroller is better than caring a toddler around, I assure you. If you do have older kids in the family, they will probably sneak into the stroller once in a while. Hey, having that much fun is just exhausting!

Should I Bring My Stroller?

Well, there are a few things to consider when deciding to bring your stroller.

  • Your stroller will get a bit beat up after a few days or week at Disney World – Between snacks and moving between crowds, being out in the sun and rain all day, it definitely takes a toll on the stroller.
    • ****Pro Tip**** – Grab one of these stroller umbrellas as it will keep you, your baby and your stroller nice and dry.
  • Is your stroller built to last at Disney World? – This seems like a silly question but know if your stroller can handle all of the additional wear and tear, we literally had a stroller break in half at Epcot and my husband just threw it in the trash and we rented the rest of the trip.
  • Are you taking Disney Buses? If your hotel is one of those where you need to use the Disney Bus a lot then I say, rent a stroller. It is a real hassle loading on those strollers especially late at night when your kids fall asleep on the bus.
  • On the other hand….. Once you leave the park, you do not have a stroller to push your kids, so if they are tired, that’s when you will have to carry your child or have a crying kid on your hands for the journey.
  • Disney World Strollers Rentals are just hard plastic, but super easy to push – The Disney World Stroller is made for durability, that being said it is not the most comfortable thing on the planet. My kids never had an issue but it is something to consider. In addition, these things are super easy to push. My 9 year old plopped in one of these and we whizzed her around with no problem at all.

Disney World Stroller Rental - Single Stroller

In my opinion, if your stroller is really easy to fold and more durable like a jogger stroller than it was worth it to bring our own, otherwise we shelled out a little dough and rented a stroller.

DIsney World Stroller Rental - Transracial adoptive sister gets a piggy back ride from her brother in Epcot during Disney SMMC | Global Munchkins

You could always have your older child carry around the little one, but that doesn’t last too long

Disney World Stroller Rental Locations & Prices

Disney World stroller rentals are available in each of the parks and the Downtown Disney Springs area. They offer both single and double options. The single say they only hold 50 lbs, but they can hold much more. Keep in mind if you do the multi-day rental, you just need to hang on to your receipt to be able to pick up your stroller each day.

Single strollers run $15 daily or $13 if you do a multi-day rental.

Double strollers run $31 daily or $27 if you do multi-day rental.

In my opinion, renting a stroller from Disney World directly is my least favorite way to rent a stroller. The strollers are hard and plastic. It is more expensive than other options and you can’t take them from the park to the hotel where you oftent find yourself carrying your child walking to the hotels.



Offsite Disney World Stroller Rental Companies – A Much Better Option

Lastly, there are some great alternative stroller rental companies out there. You can rent from a stroller from these companies so that you can have the stroller from room to park and with one company from the Orlando airport to the park. 

  • Kingdom Strollers – Our Favorite Option

    Kingdom Strollers is the most popular offsite rental company for a reason. They will deliver right to you on the property and to most other hotels and rentals around Orlando, in fact they have a special spot inside the Orlando Airport to pick up and drop off your stroller.

  • They offer strollers that are comfortable, super easy to fold and offer rain covers and fans if needed. You can rent a stroller for abou $9 a day on a 7 day vacation, a much better deal than the $15 a day through Disney. Check Current Prices Here!
  • Main Street Strollers

    Main Street strollers is a great stroller company to use for when you are heading to the Land of Mickey. They have really nice High-End Strollers that are delivered to your hotel. One of their hottest items was the Keenz Stroller Wagon (pictured below) Unfortunately, the wagons have been banned from Disney due to their size. You can now book traditional strollers through Main Street Strollers. Use our link and you can save 5% off any Rental: Check Current Rental Prices Here!

Disney World Stroller Rental

Wagons like this are no longer allowed at Walt Disney World


  • Babyquip

    Baby Quip is a great source for baby equipment rental. It is basically like the uber for baby equipment rental. So, not only can you get a stroller, but you can also get some fun baby toys for your hotel and pool. That will save you on all the stuff you need to pack for your little one anyways.

  • Magic Strollers

    This is the place to go for a great deal on an awesome stroller. They have both City and Summit strollers, which are reliable. They will drop your rental right off on Disney property and many other nearby locations. Their rentals can be as low as $65 for an entire week!

  • Baby Wheels Orlando

    You can stay as low key or go as high end as you would like with this stroller rental company. They offer the option to pay for add-ons depending on what you think you will need. They have 8 different stroller models. Their rentals are on the higher end of the price range for a single night. If you book multiple days it’s more affordable.

5 Tips for a Disney World Stroller Rental

If you do decide to rent a stroller at Disney World, here are some tips.

  1. Pre-Pay for Your Entire Trip- Whether you are going with a rental straight from Disney or an outside company, check with them to see if there are pre-pay options. You will usually save a few dollars a day this way. On an extended trip, that can really add up.
  2. Keep Your Receipt- Make sure to keep your receipt, if your stroller is lost or something goes wrong you can simply find the closest rental place and have it replaced.
  3. Make it Your Own- Strollers will get moved around inevitably. Even if you park in the designated “stroller parking” area it might be moved by a cast member while you’re away. Because of this it’s really important to put a balloon or something easy to identify on your stroller. This way no matter how lost it gets in a crowd of parked strollers, you can spot it.
  4. Rain Gear for Those Florida Showers- Florida has some of the most unpredictable weather. It can go from sunny to a downpour in minutes. This is why it is best to show up prepared. A regular adult poncho fits over the Disney rentals pretty well and will keep your kiddo nice and dry.
  5. Buy a Stroller Fan Beforehand- Along with this whole weather thing can come some pretty intense heat. To avoid grumpy overheated babies purchase a stroller fan online before you head out on your trip. We like this one or this one.
  6. Like I said above, Grab one of these stroller umbrellas as it will keep you, your baby and your stroller nice and dry.
  7. Another option for shade is to purchase a Breathable Stroller Cover- If you want to protect your kiddo from the sun by giving them some shade, think about buying a breathable stroller cover rather than just using a blanket. Check Current Prices Here!

If you need help planning and booking your magical Walt Disney World vacation, contact our friends at Tink’s Magical Vacations. They are truly Disney Experts, and not only are their services FREE, but they will save you both time and money. 

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