Packing List for Europe – [20 Amazing Outfits] in just one Carry On!

Packing for Europe can be quite the process. Last year I hopped on a jet plane headed to Prague to visit my baby sister. I was flying alone and on one of the economy airlines, which charges an arm and a leg for luggage. Thus, I had to trim down my packing list to one single carry on.  The goal for our Packing List for Europe…20 outfits in just a single carry on.

Packing List for Europe – [20 Amazing Outfits] in just one Carry On!

Packing for 10 days in Europe in only a small carry on. Can you do it? I did and here is how…

First I went pin crazy. I am terrible at putting together capsule wardrobes so I go straight to the experts and copy them. Here is some of the inspiration that I found:

Packing List for Europe – 10 Trendy Outfits :

I love the way she paired casual and trendy by swapping in accessories. You can make great use of the same items by creating capsules to see how you can mix and match outfits with a couple pair of jeans, a few different tops, and some accessories. You’ll definitely need this cute fedora, these black vans, this cute black Panama hat and these rockin’ boots in order to make these outfits work. **BONUS** All the ones I linked to are the cutest ones I found with the BEST prices too!!!

10 Days Days worth of outfits for a fall vacation packing list. The entire list is on the blog. #packinglist #packinglight #travellight #travelwardrobe:

Shop These Looks (Similar + Cheaper!)-

10 Adorable Outfits with just 20 Items:

This one looks most like the bag that I packed for Europe. Except I leave my wedges at home. I have found the cobblestone is not very forgiving to a woman in heels. You can find most of these items above. But a few of my MUST HAVES include this cute black Maxi, these comfy faux leather pants, these super cute gladiator sandals, and these gorgeous flats.

Packing List - 2 weeks in a carryon: Shop These Looks (Similar + Cheaper!)-

Capsule Style – Packing List for Europe

This helped me pack for the warmer weather I expect on our short jaunt to Rome and it worked perfect. When we were in Rome the weather was quite hot as it was for our Mediterranean Cruise. These outfits were ideal. These boyfriend jeans are my FAV (and they’re on SALE), this dress I own in multiple colors bc you can throw it in your purse, and you’ll definitely want to own these sandals (I have had mine for 4 years and they are still like new).

Packing List Europe - *favorite* Summer Capsule Wardrobe (straight from her board). Great article with links.:

Shop These Looks (Similar + Cheaper!)-

Pretty awesome right. Like they say, “why re-invent the wheel.” Go a little pin crazy. After you have found your inspiration follow these easy steps:

  • Scour your closet- you will be shocked by how much is in there I promise.
  • Purchase needed items- head to Nordstrom’s Rack, H&M or Target to pick up any items you still need while on a budget.
  • Have a Fashion Show- try on everything. Find as many combinations you can make out of the least amount of pieces.
  • Lay everything out- then 24 hours later go through and take out anything you feel you don’t REALLY need. Be really strict with yourself here, less IS more!!!
  • Then pack.

5 things not to forget!

  • Comfortable shoes – Europe is about walking….a lot of walking. Without comfortable shoes, say goodbye to a good time
  • Fanny Pack – Not the ones your mom used to wear. The cute trendy ones. This will be a nice safe spot to hold your cash and passport.
  • Travel Pillow – It’s a long flight from the States, you want to get some sleep on the plane. Pack a nice travel pillow. Some attach to the outside of your bag like the one I use here.
  • Melatonin – Melatonin is a must in my international packing. Getting used to a time change is so much easier when you have a little sleep aid. Melatonin is all natural, so you shouldn’t have any lingering sleep issues after taking it. We love this brand here.
  • Wrinkle Release Spray – In Europe, you are often on the go which means irons are not always handy. Grab a little wrinkle release spray to spritz on your clothes and you will be traveling through Europe wrinkle free.

Here is a quick video that talks about my Favorite Packing Hacks:

Using the above methods I successfully packed my entire wardrobe in my carry on suitcase.

I filled my backpack with my laptop, camera, chargers, universal adapter, passport, copies of all my travel reservations and my cross body travel purse. And, now I am good to go!!

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Packing for 10 days in Europe in only a small carry on. Can you do it? Well you better check out our goal for our packing list for Europe…20 amazing outfits in just a single carry on! #packingtips #packing #ootd #travel #outfit #tips #helpfultips #traveltips


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