7 Reasons why a Disney Travel Agent will make your trip 100% better!

Recently, I got a frantic message on Facebook from a dad who booked a Disney World trip with his family and came across one of my articles. He was leaving for his trip in a few weeks and did not realize all the things he needed to do before arriving at Disney World. I tried to help him as best I could but everything I recommended was booked up, because with Disney planning is so important. From fast passes to dining reservations, to shore excursions, to which rides to take, to planning for the 3:00 rain in the summers at Disney World (yes, pretty much every day) planning a Disney World trip is a monumental task. It got me thinking that maybe people should book their Disney trip with a Disney Travel Agent. Disney World, Disney Cruise, & Disneyland are often once in a lifetime vacations with your planning. The excitement your kids have for this kind of vacation is unmatchable. However, planning one of these vacations can be quite the task. Here are 7 reasons you might want to use a Disney Travel Agent.

7 Reasons why a Disney Travel Agent will make your trip so much better!

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  • 1) Disney Travel Agents have their Disney Degree!

Disney Travel agents have to not only be a regular travel agent, but they also have to take the College of Disney Knowledge course to be able to book Disney Travel. This extensive online course goes through every type of Disney Vacation.

The travel agent will learn about the hotels, how far in advance dining reservations can be made, amenities of staying on property, transportation and so much more. Not only do they have to pass a test to be a certified travel agent, but they also have to take a test every year as Disney has new courses each year so that the travel agent is up to date with all the new changes at Disney Parks.Disney Travel Agent

  • 2) You will Save yourself a lot of Time

If time is a limited resource then you don’t even need another reason to book your Disney Vacation with a Disney Travel Agent. Here are just some of the things the travel agent will be able to teach you in just a short amount of time rather than learning on your own

  • How to book a fast pass?
  • How far in advance you need to make your dining reservations?
  • Which restaurants have character breakfasts and dinner (plus, which is the best)?
  • What is the Disney Dining Plan?
  • What kind of Park Ticket do I need to buy?
  • How to get from the hotel to the airport?
  • Do you need a car rental?
  • What are Magic Bands?
  • What is the My Disney Experience App?
  • Getting groceries delivered to your room
  • If Pluto is a dog, what is goofy? (ok I just through that in to see if you were paying attention)
  • How to save on photos aka Memory Maker?
  • Where to rent a stroller?
  • What are Extra Magic Hours?
  • Booking Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique/Pirates League/Specialty Cruises

Magic Bands - DIsney World Tips & Tricks

  • 3) You will get the Best Price!

If you are booking with a Disney Travel Agent the price should be exactly the same as Disney’s website, sometimes slightly better if the travel agency is offering an extra incentive to book with them. Disney keeps pricing the same across the board so you don’t have to stress about finding the site with the best deal. However, Disney Travel Agents will know the times of year that Disney is offering special offers, such as Free Dining, Half Off Cruise Deposits and more! Compare Prices Here!

Tips for getting the best Disney Cruise Deals + a Peek Inside my recent Disney Cruise onboard the reimagined Disney Magic. #DisneyCruise #DisneyMagic #DisneyCruiseLine #CruiseDeals #Cruise


  • 4) Dining Reservations

Do you know that there are over 140 sit down restaurants within Disney World? That’s a lot of menus and Yelp reviews to scour through to find out which restaurant to go to. Plus, with Disney, a lot of these reservations get booked up super fast.Did you know that you need to book the Be Our Guest Restaurant 180 days in advance just to have a chance at a reservation? Of course, not, there is too much information to know about your Disney World trip. Your Disney Travel Agent should help guide you to the best places to eat, and some will even book them for you.


  •  5) Premium Services for FREE–

Some Disney Travel agents do have some premium services they do charge for, such as a complete planning for your entire vacation. Some have a complete guide to which parks you want to visit that day, they will set up your fast passes, your dining reservations, and offer a complete layout of your vacation so you can just focus on fun. These websites should post that they charge for these premium services.

However some of Disney Travel Agents offer those services free of charge: For Instance, Tink’s Magical Vacations will provide complimentary:

  • Itinerary Planning
  • Provide Fast Pass Recommendations w/ Height Requirement info
  • Book your dining reservations and remind you when they can be booked. Along with which restaurants have character dining and restaurants that have Fast Passes for select evening time entertainment. (My Favorite Perk)
  • Setup Magical Express to get you from the airport to the Hotel and back.
  • Give you advice on how to get groceries order delivered to your room.
  • Book Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique/Pirates League/for guests’ children.
  • Provide Video Tutorials on My Disney Experience App, Setting up Magic Bands & More
  • Even Simple things, like “Where can I rent a stroller?” is a nice thing to have someone tell you so you are not wasting your time searching.


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  • 6) One Voice to Speak to

Have you ever called the Disney World Reservation line, they are extremely nice people, but everytime you get on the phone you need to go through the same rigamarole of having to wait on hold, give your name, spell it four times if you have a hard to spell name, and then about 20 minutes into the call you finally get to ask the question you wanted the answer to. It’s a bit of a tedious process and it’s probably why I receive so many questions on my social media channels. (Don’t worry, I love them so keep them coming) When you use a Disney Travel Agent, they are your main contact so anytime you need to make a change just give them a call, which brings me to my next point.


  • 7) In case of an Emergency

Unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way of a vacation, and when those things happen, it is nice to have just one person to call to make changes or if need be cancel your reservation. When Hurricane Irma struck Central Florida, the Disney phone lines were backed up for hours with people needing to change or cancel a reservation. I saw so many people on message boards who were thankful they had a Disney Travel Agent because they had to make just one phone call with no hold time and know that everything was going to be taken care of.

7 Reasons a Disney Travel Agent will make your trip 100% Better

So, there are definitely advantages of booking through a Disney Travel Agent, if you have any more questions feel free to message us.

Do you love being the vacation planner? No worries, check out the following articles to plan your next Disney Vacation!




7 Reasons why a Disney Travel Agent can make you trip 100% better! From Navigating Fast Passes & Magic Bands to Dining Reservations. Disney Travel Agents are an asset not to overlook.


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